Zanzibar is a action/comedy series written by Zeon1. It follows the soldiers of Moon Base Sector A, codenamed "Sandbox".


It's boring living in a crater in the moon.... very boring. However, things are about to get a little creepy for the Red and Blue soldiers stationed in this hellhole.


Red TeamEdit

Captain Isaiah Hawkings - Leader, Wierdo, Nickname: Issy

Corporal David LeRoy- Second-in-command, Sniper, Nickname: LeRoy

Private Michael Jameson- Rookie, Weapons Specialist, Nickname: Mikey

Private Zero- Robot, Tech specialist, Nickname: Z-man

Private Natasha Killgrave- Female, Medic, Nickname: Natasha

Blue TeamEdit

Lieutenant Jacob Abrams- Leader, Nickname: Jake

Private Ichabod James- Second-in-command, CQC, Nickname: Icky

Private Noah DeVries- Rookie, Tech Specialist, Nickname: Noah

Corporal Thomas Vandermeer- Mute, Weapons Specialist, Nickname: Van


  1. Welcome to He- I Mean, Sandbox- Both red and blue hear about some deliveries, and they decide to check them out.
  2. Muteness Is Loud-ness- Issy tries to find out the secret to Van's music collection
  3. Snap, Crackle, BOOM!- While fighting over Breakfast, Mikey and LeRoy see a ship crash.... what is it's secret?
  4. Technically, They Call Me Jerk- Icky gets a sense of deja' vu, and he's not the only one in the canyon!
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