This a RvB AU, where everything is backwards. Except for Tex and Church. More on that later.

Episode 1: Why Am I Here?Edit

Church slowly ajusted to the light/

Where am I? he thought. The last thing he could remember was... wait, he couldn't remeber why he was here to save his life.

As he tried to stand up, he noticed he was back in his cot in Blood Gulch. What? he wondered, we left Blood Gulch years ago. What's going on?

"Allright, everyone wake up," came a smooth, calming voice, "it's time for breakfast. Church, wake up. Tucker, don't eat the plate again."

Through the doorway came Caboose.

He was dressed in green armor, and his eyes actually looked intelligent.

"You allright Church," rumbled a deep voice that Church couldn't pin down, "don't tell me you've frogotten how to stand up? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!"

"Where... am I?" Church asked, staring down at his own armor. It was palest green. What was going on?

"You're in Green Base."

"But... I'm a Blue soldier."

"Blue? I haven't heard of a blue soldier," Caboose looked worried, "there's only Yellow and Green here."

"What about Tex? Is she Green too?"

"Who's Tex?" Caboose looked confused, "Just come on, Church, it's time to spy on the Yellows. I have the sniper rifle, of course."



"I can use it."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Good one Church."

As Caboose left the room, Church followed. Everyone was the opposite here. What if Tex was Caboose's old girlfriend. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Wait. Caboose looked confused when I asked him about Tex. Good.

Episode 2