Master Xiao Ma
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Xiao Ma as he appears in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives


Xiao Ma






The White Talon



Armor Color



Cutlass (Primary), Katana (Secondary)

"You are no fighter. You are a disgrace!"

- Xiao Ma torments Agent Iowa

Master Xiao Ma is one of the antagonists in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives. He acts as the lead antagonist and motivation in Agent Iowa's backstory within the series. Xiao Ma is the leader of the Japanese Militia called The White Talon.

Role in the Plot

The Temple Ionohai Massacre

Leading his army The White Talon against an opposing family, Xiao Ma began the Temple Ionohai massacre. His army of ninja warriors infiltrated the sanctuary and began cutting down the civilians before Xiao Ma himself murdered the temple's leader and grandfather of Agent Iowa, Master Truong. His second in command, known only as the Unnamed Warrior of the White Talon, wounded Agent Iowa so that he would be forced to duel Xiao Ma. During the duel Iowa successfully chopped off Ma's left hand before the Unnamed Warrior fired a crossbow bolt and knocked the to-be Agent unconscious.

List of Injuries

  • Left hand severed by Agent Iowa


Having been at war only one persona is shown by Xiao Ma. He constantly torments Iowa who had just witnessed the death of his grandfather and the mass murdering of his friends and family at Temple Ionohai. Xiao Ma is shown to give no mercy and is out to completely destroy Iowa's entire family at any cost.

Skills and Abilities

Ma is a proven exceptional leader of the White Talon, a Japanese ninja militia. He shows no mercy to the enemy and this allows him to commit brutal atrocities towards the enemy. It is also implied he is extremely skilled in close quarters combat due to his rank as leader and respect as elite combatant.


Agent Iowa

Xiao Ma becomes Agent Iowa's arch nemesis in Red vs. Blue. Ma is responsible for the butchery of Iowa's family and has motivated Iowa to self train into becoming one of the universe's most skilled hand to hand combat specialists. Xiao Ma has been shown to act as a 'bully' character towards Iowa, making fun of his weak attempts to fight. However, he is soon silenced when Iowa manages to chop the master of the White Talon's hand off. This in theory would likely make their opinions of each other similar: each desire revenge toward the other.


  • Xiao Ma is shown to be among the most influential characters in the series, despite being confirmed that he will make only a small appearance in the series.
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