The World War Blue Trailer is Episode 0 of Red vs. Blue: World War Blue. It aired August 4th.



  • The General


The Episode begins with The General at the end of a table in a poorly lit room. Voices are heard from many others talking about who the best sqaud would be for an operation. A soldier quickly runs into the tent giving light to the men and women at the table. Sir I think I've got the best squad for the operation he says throwing some documents on the table. The General opens them asking "Are you sure of this? Its likely they won't get along and that could drop the sucsess rate by quite a large percent." "Yes sir I'm sure of it. They will be able to stop this.... what is his name again sir?" "The enemie general's name is O'Malley private. Well boys looks like we got our soldiers. Lets move out." The General tosses the open documents in the middle of the table directly under the lone light as everyone leaves. The camera zooms in on them revealing the names in the two documents showing them to be Leonard L. Church, Leonard M. Church, Michael J. Caboose, Lavernius Tucker, Unknown "Sarge" Unknown, Dick Simmons, Dexter Grif, Franklin Delano Donut, and Lopez.



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