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Warden Eternal
Warden Eternal.jpg
 Title(s) Keewer of the Domain
 Armor Color(s White and black body
 species Artificial Intelligence
Professional Status
 Affiliation(s) Forerunner Ecumene
The Created
 Former Affiliation(s)
 Occupation(s) Keeper of the Domain
 Former Occupation(s)
Personal Status
 Status Active
 First Appearance We're in so much Trouble
 Music Theme
 Voice Actor

The Warden Eternal is the name of an Forerunner promethean Artificial Intelligence encountered by the Alpha Reds and Blues during the War of the Ancients story arc. He appeared as the primary leader of the contigent of prometheans under the command what he calls "Cortana". The War of the Ancients took place on the planet Vormir. Currently, the Warden Eternal is wagint their battle against the Blues and Reds as intruders, with him identifying an "broken AI" with Chapel.

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