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Project Freelancer's Rogue Personal Assistant


Virtual Intelligence Computer that Talks with an Open-mind and Respectfully




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The Virtual Intelligence Computer that Talks with an Open-mind and Respectfully, or Victor, acts as one of the minor background characters in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives. Victor is an artificial intelligence known as a 'dumb AI' meaning he is absent of all emotion and instead expresses simulated emotion. Victor is not based on a single organic person but is built by The Director. He is personal assistant to The Director and in designed to ensure that Project Freelancer runs smoothly. However, he fails.

Role in Plot


Victor was built by Dr. Leonard Church to ensure Project Freelancer was a success. However, eventually the Director grew annoyed by Victor's insulting and naïve personality and programmed him to be pleasant. After several weeks Victor recognised he had a past attitude and both his personalities clashed. This allowed Victor to become somewhat self-aware.

Damaged by the clash his original and irritable personality would appear for a short time in glitches. Occasionally Victor would crash or spark and this forced Church to make several modifications, each modification only lasting a short time. The Director predicted that one day, without maintenance, Victor would permanently revert back. It was likely that if influenced by a negative stimulus Victor would develop the desire for revenge.


Vic in his Human form

Director Church then decided that it was best Victor be relocated, and he was placed in Command where he would operate as a speaker for Simulation Bases. He would be the command contact for various Blue and Red Teams. To replace Victor, who now called himself Vic under the new personality, Church built the dumb AI F.I.L.S.S.


Victor is an extremely rude and insulting character who cares not for social etiquette. He is considered loud, annoying and extremely carefree. This caused the Director to reprogram him, however the efforts failed and Victor continued to be rude and careless.


  • F.I.L.S.S.' programming is Blue, it is likely Victor's was made Red to conflict with this.
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