Vancouver Zero
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A hospital in Vancouver, Canada




Withstanding and Lively

Vancouver Zero makes its first appearance in Killed in Action. It is a hospital that houses hundreds of patients with a series of injuries or illnesses. The hospital is used to introduce Agent Alaska, a victim of shotgun fire in a hunting accident.


Vancouver Zero is a massive facility, therefore it is easy to get lost. It's size also means it is easy to slip in unnoticed. Scores of patients undergo surgery everyday within the large establishment. The hospital has several zero gravity rooms to allow for easier surgical acomplishments.

A Hospital Bed

Role in Plot

Agent Alaska

A french patient was brought into hospital after she had been injured in a hunting accident. Specifically she had been shot by a shotgun and needed surgery. Over the next few weeks she slipped in an out of consciousness in large periods of time. Eventually two men posing as doctors arrived and one, a doctor with glasses, recruited her into a military program known as Project Freelancer. The two offered her a chance to put her skills, which she had previously used for crime, for better use. After she agreed the second man entered with an anesthetic and injected her.


  • Agent Alaska was wounded in the state of Alaska. It is therefore entirely possible that one of the closest hospitals to her state was Vancouver Zero, this is of course assuming that Vancouver Zero is actually located in Vancouver.
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