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Valhalla looking at Red Base




Operational as Simulation Bases

Valhalla is a multi-terrained canyon used by Project Freelancer for Simulation Bases. It makes an appearance in The Freelancer Archives.
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Valhalla Outpost Number Two, Blue Base


Valhalla is mostly made up of glass planes. On one side is Red Base (occupied by the Red Team) overlooking the whole canyon to the front and a massive ocean behind. At the other side is the Blue Base that houses members of simulation Blue Team. Behind this Base is a waterfall that forms a river, the river moves throughout the canyon eventually exiting into the ocean. On a third side of the canyon is a mountainous wall and the other side hosts an assortment of caves. The varied terrain allows this canyon to be the ideal Simulation Base for Freelancer training.

Role in Plot

Valhalla is the Simulation canyon that Agents Iowa and Carolina take advantage of in their first live fire training session. The two agents work under the Valhalla Blues and complete a mission to secure demolitions stolen by the Red Team. The agents kill Simulation Troopers Thomas Buck, Kat Felinne and Reggie Side in the process.

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The rocky regions of Valhalla


  • The version of Valhalla that features in Up Close and Personal is the Halo multiplayer map Ragnorak from Halo 4.
    • Ragnorak is a remake of the original Valhalla map from Halo 3.
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