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Universe RvB denotes the universe in which the events of Red vs. Blue occur in, which is based heavily upon the canonical happenings of the Halo Universe. Characters in this universe have been known to occasionally "break the fourth wall" for yet unknown reasons.

History and divergence Edit

Universe RvB is similar to the official Halo timeline, only that it had diverged from canon during the late Globalization Era. Insurrectionist activity was halted during it's developmental stages, resulting in no Interplanetary War, nor any other following interstellar wars between the United Nations Space Command and Insurrectionist forces. Instead, a brief, final war between feuding human factions occurring on Earth resulted in the loss of the United States of America's state of Florida, due to nuclear bombardment.

As a result, the Colonial and Insurrection Era (2525 CE to 2553 CE) was simply dubbed the Interstellar Era. This peaceful time was put to good use, resulting in the development of integrated simulative and holographic technologies. The United Nations Space Command had a jump-start in developing advanced technologies, such as superior slipspace and weapons systems to that of Halo canon.

Other key pieces to any Halo timeline were also, as inevitably, developed. For instance, humanity's pre-destined encounter with the Covenant Empire resulted in a massive galactic war. The development of the first MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor was developed as subject to Project Freelancer, an experimental operation whom's goals were to develop an exclusive, classified unit of 49 (one patronizing each currently existing state of the United States of America) biologically engineered military servicemen to contribute to the fight for humanity, while utilizing advanced Artificial Intelligence constructs to assist them in nearly all fields of combat. A downside to the inclusion of AI was often rooted into the advanced technologies used to produce them. The Human-engineered AI of the time featured an intelligence beyond that of parallel canon's "Smart AI", and their complex personalities would often subject them to premature rampancy, or rampancy without much warning. Such AI have been known to heavily influence the minds of their personal soldiers, and even result in their defection, or ultimate deaths.