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United Nations Space Command

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The UNSC serves as a minor role in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives. It's primary purpose within the series is to occasionally swerve Project Freelancer into a certain direction as to allow it to assist in extremely dangerous missions.


The UNSC is the main military force designed to protect Humanity from 'otherworldly' beings. The UNSC branches off in several directions. Some branches include: ONI, The Insurrection, The Oversight Sub-Committee and Project Freelancer. While the UNSC is in charge of these four factions, they each have their own level of freedom to do as they please as long as it is within the law. However, many of these branches (mainly The Insurrection and Project

A marine serving under the UNSC

Freelancer) often break the law and try to hide it to the best of their ability. The military faction is currently the leading representative to wage war against the all-alien faction, The Covenant. The UNSC has a small 'sub-branch' which covers logistics, intelligence and surveillance known as the Office of Naval Intelligence



  • The UNSC ironically is designed to control everything, but there is a constant undermining of leadership below it: mainly from the Insurrection and Project Freelancer's abuse of resources and assets.
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