Samuel Harrison hated waiting. Mainly because it made him feel nervous, and a million thoughts would rush through his head at a rather fast rate. Like "what the new squad be like?" or "will they be as bad as the last squad?". And those thoughts made him wish he never got on the drop ship to begin with. But then he'd be abandoning the army he'd grown to love. That wouldn't do.

Then he glanced at his arm. Who knew a sniper round could result in a loss of an arm. The prosthetic whirred and made an almost quiet buzzing noise. Surprisingly, according to the doctor who had been taking care of him for a week, Sam had grown used to the new replacement quicker than most of the receivers. It was almost like he never last his limb.

"How much longer till we're there?" Sam asked, his question going through the radio to the pilot."Another couple of I feel sorry for ya bud." The pilot replied. Raising an eyebrow, Sam proceeded to say, "Why's that?" The pilot chuckled a little and said "One of the worst outposts to get transferred to." The pilot didn't elaborate, and Sam didn't press. "So, you planning on anything?" Sam asked. He had actually managed to befriend a pilot, which was apparently hard to do. "Couple of days, going to request a week off to celebrate my sons birthday. He's turning seven." Sam smiled a little. "How nice."

"Okay we're almost there...Wait...what is that?....OH SHI-" Sam didn't have time to question what was happening, as a red hot laser pierced through the cockpit of the drop ship and into the back, making Sam jump. The drop ship began to descend at a rather fast pace, so Sam did the one thing that he could think of doing. He leapt out the back and hit the cliff face they had just come over. Hitting it, Sam began to roll and smack against the rocks, landing hard against the grassy ground below. Gripping the side of his head, Sam looked up as three shadows appeared in front of him.

A man in red armor with an ODST helmet, kneeled down in front of him as one with a weapon that Sam assumed was used to take down the drop ship, and another in different, slimmer armor, stopped at his side. "Welcome to Blood Gulch, Blue..." The Sam got a face full of butt stock and he was consumed by Darkness.

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