The White Talon
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The White Talon's Emblem


The White Talon

Faction Leader

Master Xiao Ma



The White Talon is an organised militia situated in Japan, Earth. It is the force solely responsible for the Temple Ionohai Massacre which resulted in the death of scores of innocents. The White Talon is a minor antagonist force in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives.


The White Talon is a lone militia that operates alone and under it's single leader, Xiao Ma. The White Talon is the immoral opposition of another Japanese family that were stationed at Ionohai before the massacre. Members such as Master Truong and the to-be Agent Iowa belonged to this family.


  • Xiao Ma
  • The Unnamed Warrior of The White Talon


  • The White Talon have been confirmed to play a small role in The Freelancer Archives however, their appearances are significant and highly influential.
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