The Waiting Game is the eighth episode of Outpost Zero.


Withheld until completion.


Red Team

Blue Team


Austin: "Dude we've been hiding inside the base for days."

Jack: "Would you rather be outside for the tank to blow you up?"

Austin: "No dude, I'm just getting bored hiding in here. The computer's on the top part of the base so I can't play it."

Brian: "You couldn't play it anyways, you fucked it up!"

Austin: "Apparently the thing had a virus, so I turned on the anti-virus but it didn't help."

Brian: "What anti-virus?"

Austin: "I don't know, that little window that popped up when I got the ATV."

Brian: "You fucking idiot..."

Austin: "What?"

Brian: "That wasn't anti-virus! That was a pop-up!"

Jack: (chuckles)

Austin: "Urgh... damn it."

Cut to Red Base, Nick walks past Michael on top of the base.

Michael: "Hey Nick?"

Nick: "Yo."

Michael: "Have you noticed something different with Blue Base?"

Nick: "Well they stopped with the lawnmower noises and haven't been running around."

Michael: "Exactly, they're holed up in their base or something..."

Nick: "I like them this way, less annoying."

Michael: "I know, but the Sergeant doesn't want us attacking them with the tank or anything."

Nick: "I don't want to charge into their base and fight them inside, so I'm fine with that."

Michael: "We could probably blow up their base with the tank."

Nick: "You think so?"

Michael: "I don't know... never seen one of these actually shoot something."

Nick: "Yeah the only cool thing I saw shoot something was that laser gun."

Michael: "This again?"

Nick: "I saw it!"

Cut back to Blue Base

Austin: "Hang on, if they have that tank why haven't they shot us yet?"

Brian: "I don't know, why don't you go out there and ask them yourself?"

Austin: "Ha ha. I'm serious though. You think they'd use it by now."

Jack: "Don't complain dumbass."

Austin: "Well standing around with you two isn't very exciting."

Brian: "Maybe they're in the tank right now, waiting for us to leave the base."

Austin: "Well we can't stay in here forever. And they probably aren't gonna sit in a tank all damn day staring at our shit base."

Jack: "Fuck this, I'm going to go take a look."

Jack begins walking towards the exit.

Brian: "Hey! Wait!"

Jack: "I'm tired of doing nothing in here, and we'll just run out of supplies if we don't come out to get them."

Brian: "And if the tank sees you?"

Jack: "Oh well... I'm just gonna peek anyways."

Jack runs outside and goes in front of the base.

Austin: "He's screwed."

Jack (shouting): "Guys, we're fine!"

Austin: "Uh huh, sure."

Jack: "Really, the tank isn't up here."

Austin: "You think I'm gonna come out there?"

Brian: "Hang on, I'll go see."

Brian runs out to Jack.

Jack: "See? It's way over by their base not doing anything."

Brian: "Hang on."

Brian runs up to the top of the base and looks through the sniper rifle.

Brian: "There's rocks and shit in the way of a good view, but their tank isn't moving around."

Jack: "So we're safe then?"

Brian: "Well I don't know if safe is the appropriate word for a base in a war zone, but we're as close to it as we usually are."

Jack: "Okay, want to go get Austin?"

Brian: "Nah, let's leave him inside for a little bit."

Jack (chuckles): "Okay. How long should we wait?"

Brian: "Well eventually we'll have to go back inside to eat and stuff, but we got a few hours."

Cut back to Red Base. Peter is crouching in the sniper nest with his sniper rifle.

Peter (radio): "Smith, I'm seeing movement at Blue Base, but I don't have a direct line of sight. Can you confirm?"

Pan over to Red Base with Nick and Michael on top.

Nick (to Micheal): "Why doesn't he just move?"

Michael (to Nick): "He's fucking lazy, I don't know..." (activates radio) "Yeah I can see two of them through the binoculars. I don't see the third one, or any vehicles."

Peter (radio): "Roger that, Jones out."

Nick: "Seriously, he could have just walked fifteen feet to the roof here... Hell, he's within shouting distance."

Michael: (groans) "Then talk to him about it."

Nick: "Uh, that's probably not a good idea."

Michael: "Yeah I was being sarcastic."

Nick: "I thought so, since you actually know the guy."

Michael: "Know him? Not really. He keeps to himself. But I've served under him for a couple years, so I know what to expect."

Nick: "Laziness and a lack of interest?"

Michael: "Yup, you know him as well as I do now."

Joe walks up the ramp towards Michael and Nick.

Joe: "Corporal, I have a question."

Nick (quietly): "Speaking of lack of interest..."

Michael (to Joe): "What do you need now?"

Joe: "Why is our Network connection really slow?"

Michael: "I don't know, it's been like that for a couple weeks."

Nick: "Yeah I tried using it a day or two after I got here. That shit was lagging hard."

Michael: "Yeah it's been slow since... the Blues... got reinforcements..."

Joe: "Could the blues possibly have some sort of connection to our problem, sir?"

Michael: "I don't fucking know, could be. Doesn't seem like a coincidence to me."

Nick: "So the Blues are stealing out Network?"

Michael: "Wait... no they couldn't. There's a password on the connection."

Nick: "Oh... what is it?"

Michael: "I don't know. Sergeant Jones set this shit up."

Joe: "Well if I had to make a password, I'd make it something veee-ry clever. Something that no one could guess. Like when I was back at home, I had a password for my-"

Nick: "Dude, we don't care. Wait, Sergeant Lazy Ass actually set something up?"

Michael: "Well he had to when we first came here."

Nick: "Ah."

Joe: "When I first came here, all I had to do was-"

Michael: "Shut up! That's an order."

Joe makes a zipping noise then walks off.

Nick: "Can we shoot him?"

Michael (sighs): "I wish."

Cut back to Blue Base roof with Brian and Jack standing around.

Jack: "This is actually kind of nice, not having to put up with Austin."

Brian: "Yeah, and since he's isn't here to fuck with the computer, I can actually start fixing this shit."

Jack: "Why fix it, it's funnier if he can't use it."

Brian: "Well maybe I want to use it."

Jack: "Dude, you said you didn't care about it."

Brian: "Well... okay you got me there."

Jack: "You said it sucked and that you weren't gonna use it."

Brian: "That was before I... okay well whatever, I changed my mind. I finally managed to get some antivirus to start up, and not the fake shit Austin downloaded."

Jack: "Fake antivirus?"

Brian: "Yeah Austin tried to pirate antivirus, but failed miserably."

Jack: "Isn't that against the law?"

Brian: "Yeah, so? Everyone pirates."

Jack: "I don't pirate anything."

Brian: "So you're saying you actually buy music and stuff?"

Jack: "Yeah. Songs aren't that expensive."

Brian: "They aren't expensive at all when you can get them for free!"

Jack: "Well I don't know how to pirate stuff anyways."

Brian: "Even Austin knows how to! Well... sorta..." (turns to computer) "Well he pirated viruses at least..."

Jack: "And that's another thing, I don't want viruses."

Brian: "Well if you do it right, you don't wind up with... holy shit."

Jack: "What's wrong?"

Brian: "He got over 40,000 viruses on this thing."

Jack: "That's bad, right?"

Brian: "10 viruses is bad, 100 viruses is horrible... but 43,210... I've never seen someone manage to do that before."

Jack: "Well can you get rid of all of them?"

Brian: "I did, but the system files are fucked over until I put the OS disc in the computer."

Jack: "Okay, where's that?"

Brian: "One of these boxes."

Brian and Jack turn to the boxes on the roof.

Jack: "You should really put those away."

Brian: "Yeah yeah, I know. It's either in those boxes, or the boxes inside."

Jack: "But then we'd have to deal with Austin."

Brian: "Then look up here first, maybe you'll get lucky. You found that rocket launcher earlier."

Jack: "That thing doesn't even work!"

Brian: "Just look, I need a break."

Brian walks down the ramp during fade to black.

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