The Tale of Agent Florida is a new series by Sniperteam82308, it is currently unsure whether it will be a miniseries, or a full series. It tells the tale of Agent Florida, a secret Agent of Project Freelancer who works in the shadows. Depending on how his interest takes in the series, and how it is reacted to, the series will be a miniseries, cancelled, or a full series.


Project Freelancer


Episode 1: The Secret Agent

The tale begins as Agent Florida meets with the Director, who sends him on a deadly mission to shut down a power facility under the control of the Insurrection in order to allow another team acess a heavily fortified weapons facility.

Episode 2: God

Florida returns to the Director, mission complete, his position as Agent 00 still secure. He is informed of new Agent Texas, who the Director reveals may one day rival him for both the Director's attention, and his rank!

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