The Red Waste
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The Aftermath of a Battle


Vevalon IX


Destroyed and Abandoned

The Red Waste is a nickname given to a desert area on the Human Colony world of Vevalon IX. It is the site of the famous 'Battle of the Red Waste' which was a dramatic loss for the UNSC in their war against the The Covenant.


The Red Waste is an extremely arid location with a large desert. Located within the canyons is a large UNSC military camp. Beyond the canyons and The Red Waste is the location where a large and defencless Human Colony resides. The area has common dust and sandstorms that are incredibly thick and often dangerous if a person's skin isn't well coverered. The temperature is often around 120° Fahrenheit.

Role in Plot

A distant sandstorm on Vevalon IX

Battle of the Red Waste

The Red Waste hosted one of the most fierce battles that ever took place between the UNSC and the The Covenant. In the cover of a thick sandstorm the Covenant forces, armed with Wraiths and Banshees, pushe through the storms towards the UNSC base in hopes of detroying it. Upon destroying the UNSC base within the canyon there would be no resistance when the Covenant took over the civilian colony.

Holding the line within the canyon's trenches proved effective, but due to the desperate moves and insubordination of UNSC soldier Allison, the Covenant overwhelmed the UNSC. Allison broke the defence line and charged into the Covenant force, due to the broken number of human forces the Covenant merely picked them off until there was none left to defend the UNSC base. It was a devastating defeat for the UNSC and the Red Waste became a more barren wasteland after. Months later funerals were held in the abandoned and ruined colonies.


  • The Red Waste is the name of a desert in Essos, a region created for popular book series A Song of Ice and Fire, by George RR Martin.
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