The Insurrection
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The Insurrection

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Insurrection Officer 'Crowe'



The Insurrection is a rogue military program that served as a main antagonist in Red vs. Blue. The Insurrection also serves as the central antagonists in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives. The Insurrection acts as a rival and enemy organisation to Project Freelancer.


While being a rogue faction it still operates under the UNSC, however many of it's skirmishes and missions are illegal and go unreported. It is a large faction with several military bases and large scale vehicles. While it only has one leader it has several commanders. It's primary command vessel is a naval submersible known as The Turtle. The Insurrection's base of operations is Longshore.

Soldiers fighting for The Insurrection



  • The Insurrection have been announced to play a far larger role in The Freelancer Archives then they did in Seasons 9 and 10 of Red vs. Blue. Their story has been announced it will progress far further than it was suggested in Season 10.
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