Flashback 2: "Something in the Air"

I was sitting on the couch with Tucker and Tex, who had somehow gotten in. We were watching football, or nitting, or something cool.

(Sorry, I'm trying to think like a drunk.)

Sometime during the whole stupid thing, the Reds joined in. They were scattered all around the base. Donut was talking with Caboose about the finer points of living, Sarge was telling Grif he was the best soldier ever, and Simmons was talking to sister.

The sad thing was, Caboose was about the soberest person in that room. To prevent him from getting worse than he already was, we had just given him orange juice.

My arm was around Tex, (This is were everything gets really fuzzy. Bow-chicka-bow-wow! Tucker, get out of my memory! No! I want to have a flashback too! So you where saying-) and we were both drunk. (Somewhat- oh no, I hope she didin't steal my wallet. That would suck-) and I said something about commitment or some crap like that. And the next thing I knew she was all over me.

I won't give details. (Because I don't remeber anything. Yeah right, bow-chicka-bow-wow! TUCKER, GET OUT NOW!!)

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