The Freelancer Files: Impound is a mini series set in the Freelancer Files universe. It will air in January 16th, the remaining weeks of The Freelancer Files as well as a weeks intermission.


Episode 1: The Plan

The Freelancers plan their recovery of the Mother of Invention.

Episode 2: Meet the Team

Holmes adorns his new name Alaska and meets his new friends in his first trainning exercise.

Episode 3: The Eagle has Landed

The Freelancers land on the planet the MoI is being held.

Episode 4: Untitled

Agent Alaska and friends begin their mission.

Episode 5: Mother of Invention

The Freelancers make their way through the Mother of Invention to get to the cockpit.

Episode 6: Target

Agent Alaska and friends locate their target.

Episode 7: Liftoff

The Freelancers escape with the MoI. Back in the past the friends complete the mission.

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