Parts of the BG:J that were torn out. Contains information from Samuel's training days all the way up to his station at Ice Fields.

Entry One

January 23rd, 2552 0900 Samuel Harrison, Recruit Alpha Blue Bootcamp

It's official: Alpha Bootcamp sucks ass. The drill instructors are assholes. The training missions are dangerous as hell (someone nearly got fragged the other day). And a majority of the people here, other trainees, are arrogant bastards who think they'll be the next "top dog". Fucking crazy if you ask me.

And by "top dog", I mean top of the board.

The board itself is some bullshit idea created by the heads at the camp who thought it would be a good idea to keep track of the "best" to inspire "motivation" in the other trainees. All it really did was give the top ones bragging rights and the non boarders pissed off. I am sad to say I am one of the top boarders.

Ah crap, emergency assembly? Shit. I'll write again as soon as I can. Never saw the DI so pissed before....

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