Alison Tex

Alison Tex is a freelancer diver, and a main character of RvB On a Boat.

Early LifeEdit

Tex was born and raised as the sun of a diplomat, but was left to die when a terrorist group killed her father. She then became a wanderer, later meeting up with a young Church and his brother. She developed a tenative friendship with Church, whom she regarded then as a brother, and helped him take care of Eddie.

After Eddie left, she decided to stay with Church, allowing their bond to grow stronger. Soon, she found the Zanzibar, and they joined the ship.

Before this, she and Church ran into several gangs, her taking care of most of them. Church also grew closer to her, and later, onboard the Zanzibar, they became a couple.

First ShipEdit

It is no suprise that Tex's relationship with Church evolved as it did. During the stay at the Zanzibar, she grew accustomed to underwater fighting, even being able to use a gun in that climate.

She briefly moved into Church's cabin, eventually, O'Malley betrayed them, knocking Church over the edge while trying to save her, allowing her to escape by diving over the edge. Since then, they have seperated, and continue to be.

On the BlueEdit

It is unkown what Tex did between her stays with Church, but her ship was destroyed, knocking her unconsious with her gear on. Church rescued her, and took her onto his new ship.

Whether this means their relationship will resume remains a mystery...


Tex 2

Tex in her scuba gear.

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