Temple Ionohai
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The Temple from lake view





Temple Ionohai is home to Agent Iowa prior to his recruitment in Project Freelancer. The Temple is located in Japan and introduces the character into Red vs. Blue: The Freelancer Archives.


The temple is reflecting of old Feudalistic Japanese architecture. Temple Ionohai houses several families

Another view of Temple Ionohai

and acts as it's own community. In charge of running the Temple is Master Truong a descendant of the family who owns the estate. His grandson his Agent Iowa. Master Truong is one of the master's leading a resistance against a hostile group of ninja mercenaries. For centuries a family fued has plagued Truong's family. To rebel he formed a samurai warrior's guild to retaliate against Xiao Ma, the leader of The White Talon.

Role in Plot

The Temple Ionohai Massacre

Master Xiao Ma led the offensive against Temple Ionohai in an attempt to win their war once and for all. Leading The White Talon, Xiao Ma managed to infiltrate the Temple Walls and burn much of the establishment to the ground. The sky reflected the red of the flames and the White Talon warriors butchered the men, women and children. Xiao Ma's second in command 'The Unnamed Warrior of The White Talon' was personally responsible for overseeing the mission. Master Xiao Ma managed to kill his enemy Master Truong but had his own hand severed by Agent Iowa. Temple Ionohai burned to the ground remaining a pile of ashes and rubble.

A Japanese Garden


  • As previously stated: the feudalistic style of the Temple is highly reflecting of the Ionohai outlook and social etiquette.
      • Agent Iowa states that his family is quite reluctant to allow him to work in IT.
      • Agent Iowa's family would rather him train to become a samurai warrior.
      • The samurai and ninja fighting styles are ancient.
    • This can therefore also draw similarities to the film The Village where a community are forced to live life as if they were in the 19th Century.
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