Templar Keran
Name: Templar Keran
Affiliations: Taskforce Delta
First Appearance: Taskforce Delta
Armor Color(s): Green/Red
Occupation(s): Captain, Melee Expert
Weapon(s): Energy Sword, Brute Shot
Voice Actor: User:Zeon1
"We make our own choices. Mine include destroying everything in sight. Problem?"
—Keran arguing.

Templar Keran is captain of the Blarginhonk. He appears in Taskforce Delta.


Templar wears a Mk III Spartan suit, with a scout helmet and red and blue secondary colors. Underneath the helmet, he has black hair, and two hazel eyes. He has a long scar down one cheek. He is well filled with, with defining muscles that speaks of years of military training.


Keran has no patience for idiots, and has a tendancy to act sarcastic. He also has the bad habit of punching people who disagree with him. However, he can be joking, and tends to open out when heavily prodded.


Derrick HensonEdit

"Soldier, soldier."
—Templar talking to Derrick.

Templar regards Derrick as one of the few sane characters on the shape, and often trusts him with somewhat improtant duties. However, he can't help but be suspicous.

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