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Power/Ability to Send signals to others
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Telepathy is Lux Chapel's scientific breakthough in terms of how communications is used and how the data is sent throughout the material world. This essentially for simpliest terms, allows him to communicate to individuals without the need of an communicator in the "sense" of himself.


Telepathy is an advanced Armor Enhancement that allows instant mental communication between himself and others. Currently as it stands, this is currently limited due to what it is at the moment. Currently Telepahty relies on Quantum mechanics specifically referring to quantum entanglement. To simply put in understanding terms, the quantum entanglement is the phenomenon where the particles are independent from any other particles, as such anyone adjustments to one affects the other. In this concept, the communication is unable to be hacked, broken or interferred as any changes to one changes the other, or both as they're connected regardless of what's happening.Lux was able to create the tachyon for telepathy, an supposed hypothetical particle that goes faster-then-light.

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