Taskforce Delta is a fan fiction written by Zeon1, with various characters created and controlled by various authors on the Wiki. It is the wiki's SECOND RP SUPERPOWER FWAHAHAH- Ahem.

100 years have passed since the end of RvB. Humanity has finally began to understand the mysterious alien race, and in return for their cooperation, they have recieved a large alien frigate, the Blarganhonk. Using this, a small crew of sorts travels through the stars, defending the peace treaty between Humans and Blargians. However, an unknown organization seeks to disrupt the peace, and what do the politicians really want?

This, then, is the story of the crew of the Blarkganhonk.


Creation of characters is simple. Simply choose if the character is human or alien, and on the page, you can explain how they joined the crew. About 4 were on their from the start, so decide carefully.


Harvest Saga

The Landing


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