The Steeler is a Bio Enhancement used by Valhalla Agent Odin.


The Steeler is an enhancement that increases durability. This is done by increasing the strength of bonds that make up the user's molecular structure. The increase in molecular bonding strength grants the user almost total invulnerability to impacts.


The main advantage is that the enhancement increases durability. It increases the user's durability to such a degree that most firearms, such as sniper rifles, battle rifles, even rocket launchers can't harm them. Bullets bounce off of them and the shockwaves of rocket launchers do nothing. Even the physical strikes of superhuman soldiers, like Maine and Carolina do nearly nothing.


The main, and perhaps only disadvantage of the Steeler is that, while in use, it renders the user immobile. Also, it only increases the strength of molecular bonds to increase impact resistance. However, it does not grant resistance to the elements, such as fire, making the user of this enhancement vulnerable to the Flamethrower and most Plasma weapons.

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