Stalling Engine is the tenth episode of the second season of Battle of Blood Gulch. It was written by Overpaid Government Operative 23:37, October 16, 2011 (UTC).


Martinez rushed over to Sam, hoisting him up in a matter of seconds. Ignoring the squel of protest the Blue soldier let out, he fairly leaped out the door, and ran towards Blue Base.

The rest of the Blues stood there, shocked. "Well," Chief began, "I'll give Martinez points for quick thinking. Let's catch up."

"Umm, not to be Johnny Raincloud here," Jenkins said in a voice that indicated that's exactly what he wanted, "but we'll need a vehicle to catch up to Martinez, and the Falcon blew up!"

Chief thought for a moment, then smiled. "Well," he said, "I wanted to save this as a suprise for Halloween, but I guess you young people will enjoy it know."

He jogged out. The others stood around, waiting. Suddenly, an engine coughed to life, and a roar reached it's tempo just outside the base. Jenkins and Swanson looked at each other, finally agreeing on something, then darted out. A slightly confused Faith followed.

When Swanson made his way out, his eyes bugged out. Chief sat in the seat of a brand new Warthog, with a rocket turret. It was painted black, and to top it off, painted flames licked the sides. "Well I'll be darned," Jenkins muttered, "Cheif has a sense of style."

"Hop in!" Cheif cried. Swanson was about to protest when he noticed that an extra seat had been added to the car. Jenkins hopped in the extra seat, Swanson took the turret, and Cheif helped Faith up to the seat beside him. Hopping into the drivers seat, he nodded at Iron Fist (who had taken a Mongoose), and floored it.


The Reds stood in shocked, as Templar steadied himself and took deep, calming breaths. Waking up from AI emplantment was like having the worst hangover of your life.

"Krayson?" Clay asked, his 'traitor' look in full swing, "what about Krayson?"

"You heard him," Song said, "he wants to see Krayson." He suddenly looked solemn, "Well, I can't really take you to him. He's gone."

Templar gripped his head as Kalima said some things he didn't really want to say. "Could you just... calm down, a minute?" he asked.

"What?! We're all perfectly calm!" Clay hyperventallated.

"Wasn't talking to you," Templar said, then pointed at his head, "talking to her." The group loooked confused. "Her?" Killgrave asked.

"Kalima," Templar said, and then promptly passed out.

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