South Carolina


Dick Hertz


South Carolina, Carolina, Thous, Caro, Alin, Noah Singaround, Noah, Cap, Darth Vader


Project Freelancer: Rebirth, Brown family, UNSC, Maya Hertz, Nevada, Arkansas

First Appearance

The Assault on Project Freelancer: Rebirth

Armor Color(s)

Black (Primary), Red (Secondary)


Front-line Fighter, Babysitter


Magnum, Battle Rifle, Katana

Armor Enhancement(s)

Nervous System Enhancer, Gravity Unit, Healing Unit (As of The Prologue of York's Legacy), Dark Matter Convertor

Voice Actor


"We're all humans here; however, the difference between you and me is that I'm willing to take that last step forward!"
—Carolina explaining his unwillingness to surrender

Agent South Carolina, real name Dick Hertz, tells others his name is Noah Singaround, occasionally referred to by Carolina, Caro, Thuos and Alin, is a member of the Special Operations Program Freelancer: Rebirth and son of Professor Maya S. Hertz and his wife Yura.


Dick's armor is the Mark VI armor with the Rogue helmet, Hayabusa left and right shoulders and CQB chest piece. His armor color is black with a detail color of red. He is a physically fit adult male that stands at six feet and two inches with a lean muscular build. He possesses pale, ghostly white skin as a result of being inside and out of the sun for most of his life, ruby red eyes as a result of a genetic experiment that he underwent that was performed by his father, and pitch black hair that is the result of another genetic experiment that he underwent.

Due to many initially failed experiments, Alin has scars covering most of his arms and upper torso; in particular, he has a scar in the middle of his rib-cage that branches out in six different places toward his arms, hips and collar. He also has many scars on his body as a result of drilling through his body to his bones (see below). Another thing to note is that, due to his armor enhancement's residual effects, Alin also has nerves bulging all over his body.


Alin is quiet and reserved. He rarely speaks when no one speaks to him and, even when he does, it's usually to say something sarcastic and insulting; he generally tells others that his name is Noah Singaround as a sarcastic way of telling people not to play (as Noah Singaround is his way of saying "No assing around"). Also, due to the way he was raised, he is distrustful of the other agents. Despite that, he is not totally impolite, as he doesn't insult the other members of the program without due cause and generally compliments extraordinary feats.

Alin has stated that he doesn't care what other people call him, as displayed with the numerous nicknames others have given him. However, he is reluctant to reveal his real name to anyone, having only told one person, the current Freelancer Agent Texas; due to his father pulling some strings, even the Director isn't aware of his real name, which seems to have caused some bad blood between the two.

Compared to other members of the Program, likely as a result of getting special treatment from the higher ups, Alin is the Director's least favorite soldier, usually putting him on the front lines or on missions that would generally be considered suicidal in nature. However, he always comes out of these missions with complete success, though not always in peak physical condition. It is unclear whether this is due to great determination or simply spite toward the director. The director is also rather suspicious of Alin and his motives, due to being given almost no information on him other than his combat training and experience, due to his father, again, pulling strings with the UNSC.

Despite his distrustfulness toward others, Alin is rather analytical and calculative, being capable of predicting where a bullet will land based on physics, the gun's overall power and where the gun is pointed; this is the reason he's extremely skilled with his guns, the Magnum and Battle Rifle.

Alin likes training and combat, viewing them as a form of stress relief, as displayed where, whenever something irritating or upsetting happens to him, he goes right into his barracks to train. This seems to be effective, as he is always significantly more polite and casual for the first two hours after a training exercise than anytime before. When asked a question regarding a mission's success or anything relating to combat, he usually says something along the lines of "I don't finish any mission without tearing shit up," though he does answer the question if this isn't the appropriate answer.

Despite, or perhaps because of going on solo suicide missions more often than any other agent (and always surviving), he finds having a team to be difficult in every aspect; when put on a team, whether he's the leader or not, he will usually go off and do something on his own; he always has a plan in his head but he's never willing to share that plan and, should he go on a mission, he will usually attempt to leave everyone else behind while he deals with the mission on his own. He also finds it difficult to take orders, usually ignoring the orders of team leaders and generally being uncooperative toward them. But the one thing that he can stand even less than taking orders and cooperating with a team is casualties; he often sites that he prefers going on solo missions because he finds death difficult to deal with. Despite it taking place at least ten years prior to the events of Project Freelancer: Rebirth, he never got over the death of his mother. When put on a team, he will leave the team behind in the hopes that they will stay safe (a fine compromise, given that he distrusts the other agents despite wanting to prevent their deaths) and, when another agent dies, especially one he's close to, no matter how rare that may be, he always silently cries at the funeral, commenting "it's a bad day for rain."

Despite getting along with some members of the program, he is not above using fear and physical punishments to keep the soldiers in line, which is a trait that is feared by allies and enemies alike. His most common method of straightening out the soldiers is a technique he likes to call " the tear inducer"; in reality, it's just a punch in the head. He will also physically attack people that annoy or anger him, which is something that he does mostly to North and The Director.

Despite being a trained killer, he is not without compassion, always trying to take care of those that cannot take care of themselves. He is also disgusted by those without compassion and would not waste a second thought on them when trying to take their lives.

Following the events of York's Legacy, Carolina becomes much more laid back and though he retains his blunt and insulting nature he isn't quite as venomous about it. For example, he takes to referring to Ark as a girl, Maine as his bitch, Nevada as a tomboy, and Washington as a robot.


Project Freelancer: Rebirth

Alin has made quite a few relationships throughout the series run; however, almost all of them are extremely strained if not downright negative, with the exceptions of Nevada, York, possibly Wyoming, Arkansas, California, Virginia, and possibly New Hampshire. Carolina is naturally distrustful of the other Agents, both personality wise and in terms of actual skill; he was raised to believe that the government hides things and that he shouldn't trust them; this is only reinforced by his lack of experience when dealing with others and his generally threatening nature.


"People like to think that Connecticut is a kind, sweet, respectful person. However, I have reason to believe that it is not so: Connecticut has so far only attempted to make friends with those that he's sure will not attack him. York was different: yeah, York acted kind just like him but York had a reason: York disliked negative emotions; this is why he's attempted to get rid of negative emotions, either by making friends with his allies or putting his enemies at peace before killing them, whether they appreciated it or not. York was realistic in his views. Connecticut, however, is different: Connecticut likes to claim that he's nice because of the goodness in his heart: however, no one that truly has goodness in their hearts to the degree that Connecticut claims he's at would join a profession where they'd have to willingly kill people that disagree with him. Sure, he's under more control than Maine: however, practically, the two are no different."
—Carolina explaining his analysis of Connecticut to Ark and Nevada

Alin doesn't pay much attention to Connecticut and actually ignores him most of the time. Carolina is irritated with Connecticut's "Goody two-shoes" act and thinks that it's really just a ploy for attention, which he proves by noting his attempts to get others to like him. He also notes Connecticut's love for knives, describing him as "an average killer who wants to cut things."

Carolina has made comparisons of Connecticut with York and Maine: rather than being similar to York like most would think, Carolina believes that Connecticut's like Maine and only acts like York.


"Oh, and if you ever find yourself on Wash's bad side, run."
—Carolina warning Ark of Washington

There has so far been no prolonged interaction between him and Agent Washington so it is unknown how far their relationship goes, though Alin has so far shown to be indifferent toward Wash. However, Carolina, between Wash's apparent lack of emotion and his willingness to obey the Director, views him as dangerous and wouldn't waste time in taking him down, a sentiment that he shares with York, Ark, and Nev. He even proves this during York's Legacy when he breaks his neck and tosses him out of a Falcon at a height of at least three stories.


"I'm doing what's right, even if you don't realize that yet."
—Carolina speaking to Maine

It has been hinted that Alin has animosity toward Maine, since Maine managed to take Alin's second place rank after a mission. However, in truth, there is no animosity and he believes that Maine didn't really earn that spot; he is aware that Maine acquired second place after being injured; the way Alin sees it, Maine was injured and the Director gave him the number 2 spot as compensation. In other words, "You[Maine] gained that spot out of pity."

Other than that, Carolina doesn't really register Maine. He doesn't register most of the Freelancers but he notes Maine in particular as "An attempt at making a likeable character," showing his ability to break the fourth wall.

"And the fact remains that before he was a worthy opponent. But now he's just a hollow husk of a man. And nothing he'll ever do for the rest of his life will ever change that."
—Carolina speaking of Maine

Following their training match, Carolina became aware of Maine's acquisition of an AI and the fact that he used it in their match. Following this realization, whatever respect he may have had for Maine is gone.


"Who again?"
—Carolina's response when asked about Tex

His relationship with Agent Texas is simple; he doesn't bother with Texas and Texas doesn't bother with him in return. The two are capable of working together, though there is apparent animosity between the two, between Tex's independence and Alin's generally distrustful behavior, though this animosity is limited to a random number of specific situations.


—Alin's typical response to Wyoming's jokes

Alin has a bit of an odd relationship with Wyoming; Alin and Wyoming seem to tolerate each other rather well, as Alin at least has nothing bad to say about him. Whenever Wyoming would tell a joke, rather than insult him like he would for the Director or Maya, he usually says it's funny outloud, although, due to this reaction being considered sarcastic, it is sometimes hard to tell whether or not it's sincere.


"I was just thinking how you remind me of Santa Clause."

Compared to the other members of the program, women excluded, Alin seems to have the best relationship with York. Unlike the others, he actually tries to get along with York and never insults him. On top of that, he also enjoys York's company and will even joke around with York; the fact that he'd joke with someone at all is proof of how relaxed he is around York. In fact, Carolina has even described York as his best friend.

On some occasions, Carolina would refer to York as a girl, such as calling him Susan, Gwendolyne, Mary Jane, Jennifer, Rachel, and Cassie. On one occasion, to blend this joke with another, he has once referred to York as Mrs. Clause.

North Dakota

"How do I shut this thing up?"
—Carolina telling North to shut up.

Out of all of the members of the program, Alin seems to care for North the least; Alin is disrespectful to North, uncooperative during team missions under his leadership, and is even rebellious toward him, threatening to "rip [his] head right off [his] neck" if he were to give him an order he doesn't agree with. He seems to view North as incompetent, always pointing out the flaws in his plans.


"Be careful and try not to die."
—Carolina advising Nevada

Alin's relationship with Nevada is something of note compared to the other members of the program; despite being distrustful of the other agents, he seems not to mind Nevada as much and, if asked, would give him information that he wouldn't give to others. He seems to trust him better than the others.

Unlike with the other members of the program, Alin doesn't particularly try to get on her nerves the way he does with North, Maine, C.T, and the Director. With Nevada, who he affectionately calls Nev, he tries his best to watch his tongue and generally tries to be pleasant toward her. However, he is also somewhat protective of her, usually giving her some sort of device that will come in handy during her missions (a streak that has yet to be broken).

The two are comfortable enough around each other that they can joke about each other's abilities and personalities: Nevada comically mocks Carolina's preference for voluptuous women while Carolina jokes about her sexuality. Carolina also likes to joke about her relationships with Ark and Utah. In particular, he notes Utah's attempts at conversation with her, saying "I'd bet anything that he's compensating for something," just to see how Nevada will react. He has also noted Nevada's opinion of Ark as a "cute but stupid guy," saying "Do you have a fetish or something? Or are you still a high school girl underneath that immeasurable endurance?" to see how she'll react to it, which is usually a reaction of exasperation.


"Ark, you don't realize it yet but everyone has a purpose, everyone has some form of influence on their environment; I'll use C.T. as an example; in a close quarters brawl, he's all but useless to the program; Maine already has the brute strength covered, and I've got the skill and reflexes covered. Do you know why The Director keeps him around? For morale; if the soldiers don't have something that keeps them sane or confident, he wouldn't have his soldiers anymore: Maine and Wash need a friend that will help them maintain their sanity; Connecticut is just the type of person for that. As another example, if I didn't have York, I guarantee you I would have at the very least a few more scars on my body. Your boisterous personality is just what the soldiers need to keep themselves sane; if you weren't around, Tex wouldn't have someone to help him feel confident, Maine wouldn't have someone to talk to, and I guarantee you that if you weren't around, Nev would've killed herself by this point. You don't realize it now but someday it'll sink in."
—Carolina consoling Ark

Unlike with other members of the Program, Alin didn't particularly have strong positive or negative feelings for Arkansas. Carolina is often the one to tell Arkansas to shut up when he starts yelling gleefully, most often due to his enhanced hearing making it hard to deal with. However, he has advised Arkansas to be careful with the other members of the program, warning him particularly of Maine and Wash, as he knows Maine's an unknown to anyone other than Connecticut and Wash is generally unfeeling, making the two dangerous in his opinion. When asked why he isn't careful, though, Carolina notes "Because even the most dangerous psychopath can't take down a one-man army."

Recently, Carolina has become much more relaxed around Arkansas, usually being the one to recommend him for missions with high pay-off that aren't suicidal in nature. Carolina is also much calmer around Arkansas than with others, seeming to view him as a sort of younger brother, though this relaxation around him is decidedly less than it was with York.

However, Carolina disapproves of Ark joining in on the teasing of Nevada's sexuality because of his views; when one of them does it, it's all in good fun, but when both of them do it, it's ganging up on a helpless comrade. As a result, he tells Ark to come up with his own bit to share with Nevada.

Carolina is aware of Ark's feelings toward him and about his own self-confidence, which has caused Carolina to help him feel like he's worth something. He's even noted how his personality can have a huge positive impact on others, though due to his tactless, often blunt way of speaking, it may not have quite the effect he intended.

"Relax, Nev's just trying to make you uncomfortable. You should be happy that she's open to same-sex relationships, Carol."

Recently, Carolina has started a new bit, this time with Ark: as he jokes to Nevada about her sexuality, Carolina jokes with Ark about his gender, sometimes referring to him as a girl: some of the girl's names he has used include Joanna, Stephanie, Michelle, Patricia, and Lois. His most used and most notorious girl's name for Ark is (surprisingly) Carol. Something he often does is, rather than outright stating that Ark is a girl, he alludes to it with nicknames, sarcastic comments, and snappy comebacks and attempts to make Ark say it himself.

South Dakota

"South's not like Wash, not like Wyoming, not even like North. Look into his eyes; he's probably already won."
—Carolina's description of South.

Alin has yet to actually speak to Agent South and, when they attempt to speak, no conversation is sustained.

Though it is never confirmed that he is impressed by South's combat ability, nor is that even a logical conclusion, Carolina is aware that South is a far better fighter and soldier than most military programs should be able to produce.


"I swear, if it'll shut you up for a few weeks, I'll bitch slap you."
—Carolina threatening Utah

Carolina and Utah haven't had any prolonged interaction. However, the two have very low opinions of each other. Utah views Carolina as a "crazy psychopath" while Carolina views Utah as "too stupid to realize what that means."

Unlike his friend Nevada, Carolina has never actually attacked or hit Utah. However, he often claims that he wants to, saying "I'll do it if it'll shut you up for a few weeks."

Carolina sometimes jokes about Utah and Nevada's relationship in front of him, usually noting "The hard to get types are usually the sluttiest," to see what type of reaction Utah will give him. Utah usually ignores it, which has led Carolina to believe that Utah is not into Nevada. Then, as a joke, he will ask "What? Are you gay or something?" which makes Utah speechless, leaving Carolina confused on the matter.


Carolina and Virginia are good friends. Due to an accident between Carolina and Virginia, Carolina learned her deepest, darkest insecurity, which caused her to become wary of him. She initially took to spying on him and confronting him to make sure he doesn't tell anyone. However, the only one he's ever told is York, as he knew that York either wouldn't care or wouldn't tell anyone if he did care. Virginia has come to trust him ever since.

Carolina understands Virginia on some level, always giving her advice for dealing with her problems. In turn, she has displayed some hints at a crush and some form of trust and appreciation for Carolina. Carolina has noted that he finds her appealing sexually, physically, emotionally, and personality wise.

West Virginia

"The only reasons I'm not attacking you right now are because I don't have backup and I'm pretty sure you could kick my ass."
"That being an understatement."

Carolina and West don't very much get along, though that opinion is somewhat one sided. West is aware of Virginia's crush on Carolina and believes that it's Carolina manipulating her into liking him or being submissive to him. As a result, West has confronted Carolina and threatened to attack him if he ever does anything to his sister. However, Carolina often doesn't take it seriously, usually joking to his face about his threats.

Also, West doesn't like him because he got injured on a mission with him. However, Carolina has stated that they were far enough away that the explosion shouldn't have hurt him, which is proven by the fact that Carolina has taken other Agents to similar explosions at shorter distances.


Carolina and California have a notably relaxed relationship, which is something of note among Carolina's relationships. Carolina is unaware of her respect for him and believes she's just trying to be nice. Carolina seems not to mind her as much and the two will often joke with each other, with Cal calling Carolina "too rough with women" and Carolina calling Cal "The other girl Ark imagines having threesomes with," something that he'll sometimes joke about while Ark is in the room.

Cal is often the one who gets his references and is the only character who can consistently get and explain his references to the other agents. This has caused him to nickname her "Dictionary."


"Yeah, I'm not perfect. I'm incredibly aggressive and angry, I have trouble trusting people, I easily doubt the skills of both myself and my colleagues, I let two of my most beloved people die right in front of me, and yeah, I'm not the strongest guy in the world. But at least I'm human! You are an attempt at what writers call a Gary Stew!"
—Carolina noting Alaska's "fake" character traits

Carolina and Alaska don't get along. Carolina is aware of what Alaska thinks of him and believes he's an idiot as a result: he doesn't believe Alaska knows anything about him. He believes that Alaska bases his opinions and knowledge on what he sees and not the truth that lies beneath that. As a result, rather than talk down to him like he would with most everyone else he doesn't like, he usually brushes him off, noting to himself that "This program lacks competence in more ways than one."


"Can't fuck 'em all."
—Carolina on Arizona

Despite Arizona's negative, complete hatred of Carolina, Carolina has himself has no negative feelings for her and would like to cooperate with her and her sister if they'd give him the chance. However, he's not entirely sure they'd give him that chance.

However, Carolina views Arizona as less intelligent than him, due to her making assumptions before gathering clues or facts, noting that "True idiots hamper their intelligence by letting their eyes and emotions get in the way of their logic." He is also ready to take her, Alaska, and Montana down in the event that they get into confrontations with Ark or Nevada.


"You can say whatever you want about me. However, I don't insult people, I point out the facts about them, which includes faults. If you don't like the truth then you should work toward changing it. Remember, no one can choose your reality for you."
—Carolina talking to Montana

Carolina doesn't mind Montana as much as she minds him. However, he is quick to point out the difference between trash talking and noting faults when speaking to her. He also views her as less intelligent than him for the same reasons as Alaska and Arizona.

The Director

"You're a pencil pusher, I'm a soldier. Tell me, how good are those odds?"
—Carolina threatening the Director

Alin not only distrusts The Director but he also downright hates him. He knows he's the Director's least favorite and is aware that the Director puts him on suicide missions to kill him. He thinks the Director views him as expendable and, as a result, sometimes feels that The Director feels that way about all the agents and is frustrated by this.


"Is there something wrong Agent Carolina?"
"Well, first off, my best friend's dead, his wife's making moves on me that make me feel uncomfortable, my arch-nemesis is letting his rank go to his head, and to top it off, I'm sharing all of this with a closet pedophile."
"Why do you say that about me?"
"Simple; you're the creepiest person I've ever met and nothing's creepier than a freak that would want to have sex with kids!"
—Carolina and the Counselor's routine argument.

Despite how others feel about him, Alin is very distrustful toward the Counselor. Rather than feeling relieved around him as Ark does, Alin views him as creepy. He has also noted that anyone that would work that closely with the Director can't be trusted, which is the way he feels about North as well.

New Hampshire

"I disagree with your belief that you have good karma. You see, you're a soldier; soldiers kill people; and with every kill you make, the worse your karma becomes; if you've killed before, then your karma is already in an unfavorable state; if you haven't, it's just a matter of time before that changes. You may be apologetic but that makes no difference; actions speak louder than words. And besides that, your willingness to get payback for a wrong done to either you or your friends doesn't make your karma better: two wrongs don't make a right. You can continue to be in denial about your karmic state: however, the longer it goes on, the more karma is gonna kick your ass when it feels it's the right time. And karma isn't so simple that it's going to give you a few misfortunes and it isn't so merciful that it's going to kill you when you refuse to correct your mistakes: no, it's going to make you suffer and will start by making your life a living hell and if you haven't learned your lesson by then, heh heh, well, you'd better hope you have nothing in this world that you cherish."
—Carolina analyzing New Hampshire

Carolina has analyzed New Hampshire's personality and believes he's in denial about his karmic state. He has made a good number of points, both moral and actual, that support this claim. His view of New Hampshire is similar to his view of Connecticut.

Project Valhalla

Carolina's relationships with Project Valhalla are somewhat different from those with Project Freelancer. Though Carolina is intent on fighting and defeating Project Valhalla, the members that have been introduced seem not to wish to harm him.


Carolina and Odin have previously met each other but the circumstances surrounding this meeting are currently unknown.

During Carolina vs. Baldr, Odin promised Katie that he wouldn't harm Carolina anymore than necessary. Whether Odin was being sincere or not is currently unknown, though he was surprisingly gentle with Katie.


Thor and Carolina have yet to actually meet. It is currently unknown how the two feel about each other, though it is likely that Carolina wants to defeat Thor.

It should be noted that, during Carolina vs. Baldr, Thor made a point of knocking out Virginia instead of killing her while noting that he was going to kill the others. This is significant as, out of all of them, Virginia was the only one that Carolina has a positive relationship with.


Carolina and Frigga have only recently met each other and Carolina is fully willing to fight her. However, Frigga made a point of noting that they should talk, which is surprising as Frigga is significantly stronger than Carolina and could easily best him in any form of physical athleticism, along with her general aggression. This is different from her interaction with Maine and C.T. as she referred to C.T. as hers and forced Maine into a confrontation where he'd have to choose between his life or the life of his best friend.


Carolina and Baldr have met and engaged in combat. During that time, Carolina and Baldr complimented each other's skills and, after he cut off Baldr's head, he noted that he liked Baldr more than most of the other Freelancers, except for presumably Nevada, Ark, Virginia, California, and New Hampshire.


Carolina and Loki have yet to meet. However, when Loki met Carolina's party, instead of referring to them as Freelancers, he made a point of calling them "Carolina's friends," which seems to indicate some form of hesitance in harming either Carolina or his friends. Carolina, however, obviously doesn't share this sentiment toward Project Valhalla.


Carolina's relationships outside of the Special Forces are a bit different. Though few in number, most of these relationships are generally positive, if somewhat odd. Most of the people in this category are generally very forgiving, which is why they have tolerated Carolina long enough to see his good side.

Professor Maya Hertz

"Madman or genius; visionary or crackpot; revolutionary or just plain rebellious; the line between sanity and chaos blurs around him."
—Dick's description of his father

Alin has admitted to hating Maya, his father, for some reason or another, though no one was around during this admission, which works out fine for him. Despite Maya caring deeply for his son, Dick doesn't seem to share these feelings and sometimes believes that his father cares more about the money than his family, due to the lengths he'd go to in order to get money. However, he tolerates Maya so he can get the upgrades he needs when he asks, so no one is aware of these feelings, though Nevada and possibly York could get it out of him if they tried.

Yura Hertz

"I remember all of my happiest moments involving her significantly. Those times died with her."
—Dick expressing his love for his mother

His attachment to Yura is perhaps his most loving one of all; when he was a child, he would always love to go with her while she was at work and preferred hanging out with her over his father. He loved her so much, in fact, that he decided to undergo experiments in her place to protect her. Even after her death, he continued to undergo the experiments to honor her memory. Her death had a huge impact on his adult life; in hindsight, it just might be because of her death that Alin has so much difficulty maintaining positive relationships with the other agents.

Sharon Brown

"Will you be my rebound ass?"
—Dick joking with Sharon

Dick and Sharon are close, closer than most people are with him. When he first visited her home, she was surprised; she hadn't expected Dick to have quite as many unique traits as he does. However, she still tries her best to make him feel comfortable in her home, while he tries not to be a burden on her or her family.

When York died, Dick did a better job of taking care of protecting her and Katie, attempting never to let them down the way he let York down.

He has admitted to having formed an emotional, loving attachment to her but that he wouldn't try anything out of respect for York.

Katie Brown

Dick and Katie are close, as well. At first, she was frightened of his ghostly, demonic, nervy appearance. But, over time, she became accustomed to being around him and even wants him to babysit her more often. Due to being a kid, after York's death, she bluntly asks Dick to be her father.

Rachel Creed

So far, there hasn't been any known prolonged interaction between Carolina and Rachel. However, he has noted that he liked her smile. He must've enjoyed seeing it a lot because he decided to spare both Maine and CT's lives from Frigga and Project Valhalla because of her smile.


Before Freelancer: Rebirth

"I was the son of two very successful people; my father a scientist and engineer, my mother an AV model. I remember some of my happiest moments occurring before my eighth birthday. After that, it was nothing but pain and agony; everything that I came to cherish taken away in the blink of an eye; everything I came to feel stripped to the bone; it was pure hell."
—Carolina explaining his past to Nevada.

Alin, born Dick Hertz, was the son of the UNSC's leading scientist and engineer of the time, Professor Maya S. Hertz and Japanese-American model, Yura. The family was fairly wealthy, though they also lived modestly to properly raise Dick. Maya's specialties in science are anatomy and engineering, though he's also experienced in chemistry, biology and computer science.

After ten years of working with the UNSC, Maya was fired for unknown reasons, though speculation exists that he may have coerced soldiers into participating in potentially lethal experiments. Upon being fired, Maya and his family began to have money trouble. Maya believed that, in order to earn his place as the UNSC's leading scientist once again, he had to create a Super Soldier capable of performing feats of strength and athleticism that couldn't be performed under any other circumstance.

Yura attempted to undergo these experiments so that they could raise Dick again. However, Dick, being unusually aware of himself and his surroundings for a seven year old boy, knew that these experiments were potentially lethal and scarring, especially for a woman like her, who had never went through a combat scenario even once. As a result, Dick underwent these experiments in her place, starting on his eighth birthday.

It is not entirely clear what these experiments entail or what happened but it is clear that something happened for the following ten years. During this time, his mother Yura died under questionable circumstances. Upon his eighteenth birthday, Dick enlisted in the army and, after applying for the job, was given a position in the Special Operations Program Freelancer: Rebirth in less than a year afterward.

Entering Freelancer: Rebirth

Dick was admitted into Freelancer: Rebirth at York's request and North and The Director's reluctance. Carolina quickly met the other soldiers, who he gave nicknames and designations:

He gave Washington the designation "CIA dirtbag," Connecticut both "Michael Myers" and "Edward Scissorhands," Maine "Atlas," York "Santa Clause," The Director "Templar," The Counselor "Closet Pedophile," North "Dogboy," Wyoming "The Joker," and Texas "The Hulk." Dick was not out to make friends, which he made apparent very quickly.

Despite distancing himself from everyone else, however, it didn't stop York from attempting or persisting.

Operation Chaos

Carolina's first mission was a suicide mission, one that The Director was sure would get him both a new recruit and reparations for the damage. Carolina was sent to the Planet A-529C, nicknamed Chaos by the UNSC and anyone who has ever been to that planet.

Chaos is a Planet with a twisted magnetic field: its magnetic field causes a number of things to happen that would seemingly defy the laws of physics: first, the upper atmosphere would collect moisture from the surface of the planet and anything close to it, which is then ionized and converted to plasma: it would then rain down on the people of the planet, frying anything that was on it: in other words, it would rain lightning from the sky like water in a typhoon. Next, the magnetic field would spontaneously spawn blackholes sizeable enough to suck up a small portion of the planet and anything close to it. Anyone unfortunate enough to be around when one spawns would likely get swallowed whole, or at least in part. Also, due to the planet's great size and density, it possessed around twenty times Earth's Gravity. Finally, the gases surrounding the planet jammed radar and the twisted magnetic field would render compasses useless, making directing yourself through it or finding others on it virtually impossible. These qualities made it the ideal hiding spot for Special Operations Programs to create weapons and soldiers that could potentially outmatch even the finest human athlete and outnumber the world's largest armada.

Carolina was tasked with finding any bases or soldiers on the planet and eliminating them. He never hesitated in taking the mission despite the risks, acknowledging that this would be one hell of a mission.

Crash Landing

Carolina's pilot, who he nicknamed Sarah, found it difficult to navigate toward and around Chaos despite her skill and experience in the field. She was able to get him to the planet but she wasn't able to keep the Pelican in tact. Carolina left her to repair it while he went searching for the bases.

Despite the difficulty in finding anything on Chaos, he found a rather large military base rather quickly. He wasted no time in going in and taking out all of the soldiers inside and taking whatever plans they had for weapons or soldiers. He then activated a self-destruct sequence, which then blew it up as he went to find the next base.

Weapon of Mass Destruction

After escaping from a sizeably spawned blackhole, raining lightning, and a twister of gravity, which ripped off, burned, and otherwise damaged a great deal of flesh on his body, he found what looked like a large bomb: it was the size of a small house, with a detonator on the side. Carolina investigated it and found that it was actually a Gamma Bomb; large enough to take out the planet and anything else that happened to be nearby. He questioned one of the soldiers working on it and they explained that it was going to be used to destroy any enemy that may be inhabiting a planet in mass amounts. At the time, however, they were merely using it to secure safety among the other bases and programs associated with them. Carolina took two things from the man: first, a compass that tracks down the bases in the nearby area and a drive which explained how the bomb worked. Carolina didn't really require the drive: however, he felt that Maya may have a use for it so he saved it for future purposes.

Project Paradise

Carolina, after taking out almost all of the other bases, found the main one: the base belonging to Project Paradise, a Special Operations Program he had heard of before: he'd heard that the program was perfecting regeneration and muscle development in order to weaponize them and that all of their soldiers were named after Religious Figures from Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, with the top ten named after the Cardinal Sins.

Carolina walked in and was met by Agent Greed, who was on guard duty at the time. The two quickly got into a fight and Carolina quickly learned something about these soldiers: on top of peak muscle development and perfected regeneration, each soldier was also given a specific trait that would help them in times of crisis. In Greed's case, it was harder skin, which made him bullet-proof in a sense.

Carolina quickly realized that Greed's durability was much greater than his own and, as a result, quickly targeted and ripped off the joints, making use of the weakest parts of a person's body. With this knowledge, Carolina quickly defeated Greed and made sure he was dead.

Carolina fought and killed all of the other soldiers, using his experience with Greed to its fullest extent, and made sure that nothing surprised him.

After taking out every soldier, he found the plans created by The Director of Project Paradise; they were plans for what could only be described as an ultimate weapon. The weapon's design was to emit Gamma Rays at such a high energy output that it would cause a shift in the energy fields, wiping out reality. Carolina destroyed the plans and wiped that action and the ones leading up to it from his video logs.

Mission Complete

Carolina had taken out every base that he had thought was there. Meanwhile, Sarah was just about finished with her repairs and they were ready to leave. Before they did though, Carolina activated the Gamma bomb; he set it at a low enough setting that it wouldn't leave Chaos' atmosphere, minimizing damage to the solar system.

They left just in time to watch the destruction of Chaos in all its glory, as Carolina noted to Sarah "Well, that wasn't so hard," with Sarah's only reply being "Whatever, tough guy."

Return to Base

Carolina went back to the base and, not only was everyone surprised that he returned but they were also shocked that he completed the mission with flying colors. The Director and North, above everyone else, were so surprised that they had to look at his video logs repeatedly to finally come to the realization that the mission was complete.

To date, members of the Program still talk about this mission, wondering if it really happened or not. This one mission is what defined the rest of his career.


Carolina and Nevada are forced on the run. Nevada is injured and is unable to walk. Carolina has carried her to a secluded area where they hope to escape the enemy forces. Unfortunately, they end up surrounded. Carolina gives her a spare healing unit to help her recover, followed by ordering her to stay hidden until all of the enemies leave. Carolina then goes out to fight the army of 5,000 soldiers; his battle rifle had previously been destroyed and his Magnum was out of rounds. All he had was the Katana that he had built prior to Ark's death. He fights all of them, destroying a great number of them, all the while remembering all of the loved ones that had passed on before him.

He reduced the size of the army from five thousand to merely three soldiers. He used the last of his strength to vertically bifurcate one soldier and was shot in the stomach with a point blank round from a Sniper Rifle. As he fell, his helmet came off, revealing his bulging nerves and crimson red eyes. Before they leave, the last soldier shoots him in the head once with his Sniper Rifle. His regenerative capability is the only thing preventing the headshot from killing him.

As he lay dying, Nevada managed to sneak over and speak to him. Carolina then entrusts her with his katana and his equipment, telling her to use them and grow as he grew, to fight as he fought, to see as he saw, never surrendering. He tells her that she is the last thing standing between further injustice and the redemption of all Freelancers. With that he closes his eyes, seemingly dying.

Before he dies, however, he hears a voice calling out to him gently; the voice of his mother. A hand comes out of the sky, ready to take him where he has always wanted to go. He smiles as he takes the hand and is lifted into his afterlife; in reality, this is merely his visualization of the peace he found in death.

His final thought was "This may not be so bad."

Skills and Abilities

"What's stopping me from ripping your head right off your neck?"
—Carolina threatening North

Due to undergoing biological experiments performed by his father, Maya, Alin possesses certain traits that may not be readily available to other members of the Program or other Special Operations members in general, at least not without the equivalent armor enhancements.


Alin's strength is great, to the point of being overwhelming. During the Prologue of York's Legacy, Dick displayed enough physical strength to kill three Elites within the span of a few seconds. In this one fight, he displayed enough strength to rip off the arm of an Elite and break its neck with it, using it as a bat, enough strength to throw the Elite's arm at another Elite and break open its skull with it, and he even had enough strength to decapitated the last Elite using a swift kick.

Carolina later displayed enough physical strength to misshape a helmet and break the skull behind it with a punch, and did the same to another soldier with an upward kick. He also managed to shatter a shin and a knee with two consecutive hammer fists. Maine also noted during that match that Carolina's normal attacks were enough to shatter skulls under normal circumstances, suggesting that he may have been more powerful than he showed during that fight.

After training some time with the Gravity Unit, his strength became enough to press lift 6 tons. However, due to the durability of his bone structure and his regeneration healing any muscle tears within the span of a few seconds, he is capable of breaking this limit and lifting significantly more.

Two weeks following his defeat by Maine, Carolina's strength nearly doubled, now being capable of press lifting ten tons. His strength is enough at this point to knock out normal humans with no more than a tap to the head. Also, he has to hold back against enemies without similar strength and durability, otherwise he risks killing them with his powerful blows.


Prior to gaining the Gravity Unit, his speed was impressive, being capable of running at 15 miles per hour in a full sprint, though due to his light frame being taxed by the stainless steel that had melded with his skeleton, he could only maintain this sprint for fifteen seconds. On average, he could run at 12 miles per hour, 13 if he pushed himself.

After training with the Gravity Unit, his speed became enough to run at 30 miles per hour. Also, it should be noted that the Quick Unit, along with enhancing his senses and reflexes, also enhances the rate of his muscle contraction, enhancing his speed to a degree as well. Carolina's average running speed has recently become sixty miles per hour; in a full sprint, he can run at seventy miles per hour. However, this type of speed causes a type of tunnel vision, which is explained in further detail below.

Following his defeat by Maine, his speed also doubled, now being capable of running on average at a speed of 60 miles per hour. His speed is sufficient to close a considerable gap in seconds. He can even outrun a speeding warthog on foot and stop it in its tracks.


By age 15, he had undergone an experiment that would increase the durability of his bone structure; this was done by molecularly bonding his skeletal system with stainless steel, though this also increased his weight. Because of this, Alin also possesses a degree of superhuman strength, though that strength is decidedly lower than the Freelancers with the superstrength armor enhancement. His strength was enough for him to lift anything that is up to three times his mass with a single hand (a little bit over three tons). His enhanced strength is also partly due to an experiment he underwent on his sixteenth birthday, which works by enhancing the production of ATP within his system, granting him more energy, which was done with another chip implanted in his brain which causes this effect.

By age 17, he underwent a procedure to meld his dermis with Kevlar, adding a degree of protection from gunshots in times of crisis. This procedure doesn't seem to significantly affect his regenerative capabilities and the circumstances surrounding this have not been disclosed as of yet. This procedure grants him a degree of protection from gunfire even without his armor on, though how well it protects him depends on the range at which the weapon is fired.

Ark made reference to his durability in York's Legacy, noting that Carolina once got run over by a scorpion tank and that all that did was "make [him] mad." Carolina's durability is enough that bullets bounce off of his skin and concussive force does nothing. The only type of firearm that could harm him is a Sniper Rifle and only if there is a small enough distance between him and the sniper.

His durability is such that enemies without similar strength or durability risk breaking their wrists when they punch him.


Though the Quick Unit reduces his endurance to a degree, he has notable endurance as well. Under normal circumstances, his body can maintain itself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to impair him. If he is particularly focused on something, he can ignore fatigue and work at peak capacity for several more hours after that.

He also has notable pain tolerance. Before going on missions, he usually inflicts some sort of injury on himself to rev himself up for the mission. These injuries include stabbing his hand, slicing through his forearm, stabbing his leg, and other sorts of cutting injuries. However, he never flinches, instead merely looks at the injuries and ponders its intensity compared to other feelings he's had in the past. Pain doesn't seem to register in his mind in the same manner as other people, with his mindset having a huge impact on how it affects him: if he feels he deserves the pain, like when he intentionally broke his arm as punishment for not saving his mother, he feels it with much greater intensity than one would under normal circumstances, while if he feels he can deal with it, it doesn't register itself as pain and doesn't affect his performance.

Carolina can fight at Peak capacity for two days before fatigue begins to impair him. However, injuries may reduce this time limit if they are severe enough, no matter how rare such an injury would be to occur.


Carolina's regeneration is also superhuman. At age 12, Alin had experiments performed that would enhance his regenerative capabilities by stimulating and reviving dead cells; this is done with one of two chips implanted in his brain that cause this. The result granted him enhanced regeneration and a stronger immune system. As a result of the final product, he can survive any wound other than a certain death blow (such as getting stabbed in the heart or being beheaded) and he can survive all but the two most powerful diseases and the twenty most powerful military grade poisons. However, many of the initial experiments failed, leaving behind much scarring on his arms and upper torso. This also has the added effect of impeding his aging.

In terms of the melding Kevlar and Stainless Steel with his physiology, due to an undisclosed method of altering the makeup of the substances, regenerate when damaged and as a result, even if they break, when Carolina regenerates, so do the materials.

Carolina's regeneration is incredibly rapid; despite being severely burned by the raining plasma on chaos, in which flesh was burned off of his body, he managed to regenerate it back completely by the time he arrived back on the Mother of Invention, something that surprises everyone on a daily basis.


Carolina's reflexes have been extensively trained. Carolina's reflexes are great enough that he can do many things that most other soldiers can't. He can clearly aim and hit a target at a long distance while spinning and flipping in the air, he can block bullets with his gun by shooting them, and he has blocked and dodged various attacks, which all led directly into counterattacks. Though it is unclear how honed his reflexes are, Carolina once told Ark "I prefer to intercept an opponent's attacks. It's good for defense and attack power."


Also, due to his armor enhancement thickening the nerves throughout his body, his senses are significantly stronger than normal; he can feel anything within a ten meter radius around his body, he can smell and taste any type of poison, even the seemingly tasteless and scentless ones, he can smell any scent right up to where it originated even days after it began eroding away, and is capable of picking up a conversation between two whispering people from thirty meters away, even with interference in between and has a certain degree of night vision. However, due to these sensitive senses, he is oversensitive and often overstimulated by light, sound, smell, taste and touch. This also means that he feels significantly more pain from a minor injury than anyone else would feel from a significantly worse injury.

Due to the rate at which he can run on occasion, he has a form of tunnel vision while he runs; normally, someone moving at that speed could only look forward, as everything else is completely blurred. However, Carolina's senses are so well trained that he is at least subconsciously aware of his surroundings during high speed motion, which prevents him from hitting anything while he's running. This would, in theory, help him during a driving or piloting session, though he has yet to demonstrate any skill in that area.

Fighting Skill

Besides the results of his genetic and biological experiments, he also has standard military training. He is a master martial artist, gunslinger, knife fighter, and sniper. While not the best Freelancer in any one area, he is a jack of all trades and, as a result, can fill the other members' positions should the need arise.

He possesses the most skill with his Magnum in terms of weapons; he possesses enough skill with a Magnum to unload a full clip into a group of enemies and not miss a shot. He has enough skill to get three consecutive headshots on three targets at a one hundred meter distance, all no-scopes, and he did so in a flashy manner, almost as if to show off. He has also been shown to shoot bullets out of the sky as they're shot at him.

He possesses similar skill with his battle rifle and the occasionally seen sniper rifle, though he can't get in as many shots with the sniper rifle and the battle rifle's four shot burst makes it a bit more difficult to hit bullets fired at him without wasting ammunition.

His skill with artillery and heavy weaponry is less than that of his skill with battle rifles, sniper rifles, and pistols, though he seems capable enough with them to at least graze a moving target. He doesn't seem to care much for Assault rifles and, when asked to use one, he mutters "fuckberries" under his breath. Despite that, he's not particularly bad in their use, being capable of getting at least one headshot on a target 400 meters away, approximately 100 meters past an Assault Rifle's default range.

Two particularly well honed skills of his besides his hand to hand combat capability are his knife-throwing and counterattack techniques; when he throws a knife, he usually throws it from the tip and, whenever he does this, he usually hits the target square in the face. He has thrown from the handle and seems to be somewhat accurate that way, though finds throwing from the tip easier, although he also says it's cooler. Also, likely as a result of being born into a family of bladesmiths along with his martial arts training and superhuman reflexes, Carolina is also capable of catching blades between his fingers, even the blades of expert knife-fighters like Connecticut. This has proven to be a valuable skill for him, as catching blades and blunt objects in his hands acts as a good prelude to his counterattacks, as is the philosophy of his signature martial art.

He has proven, in terms of attack capability, that he can counter most attacks within even the smallest of windows and can strike a split second after an opponent and land the attack right on time. Along with Krav Maga, he also seems to make use of the philosphy of Jeet Kune Do, making use of the interception techniques in his fighting style.

Recently, Carolina has invented a katana that he has begun to use frequently. In a training session with Arkansas where he tests it out, along with his reflexes and Ark's accuracy, he displays great enough reflexes and skill with the katana that he can block rapid fired bullets. However, it should be noted that, on average, he can only block the bullets 78% of the time, almost 8 bullets out of ten, which could very well make the difference between life and death; as a result, when he uses his sword, he is always making use of his superior agility and strength as, should he fail to block a bullet, he either has to dodge it or hope that his durability can withstand it.

Alin is also capable with his modified combat knife. He makes very good use of the severing wire and the blade itself, throwing the weapon and making use of centripetal force and whip-like maneuvering to throw it around, hitting most targets relatively easily.

Due to being the least favorite of the Director, Alin is almost always put on suicide missions or on the front lines of battle, usually on his own. However, due to an indomitable will, he always survives these missions, acting as a testament to his overall skill level. He goes on suicide solo missions so often that he perhaps has more combat experience than most of the other soldiers.

Carolina's skill and experience have earned him the epithet "The Gravity Wave." He has even dubbed himself "One-man Army," which seems to be accurate, due to his skill in taking down entire military bases single-handedly.

Brain Activity

Due to prolonged exposure to the Quick Unit, Alin's brain activity is significantly greater than a normal person. This allows him greater focus, along with quicker thinking and greater memory capacity. This trait also grants him a degree of resistance to mind control and brainwashing, which is something that The Director finds irritating in terms of Project Nexus. Carolina has noted that his brain activity and general bioelectric field are significantly stronger than normal.


Alin, along with possessing all of these other traits, possesses an IQ of 160. He possesses enough skill in checkers to beat Katie 100 out of 150 rounds and to beat her in chess 75 out of 151 rounds. This is impressive, as Katie's IQ is 210.

Carolina is usually making use of many different tactics in combat, allowing him to outmaneuver his enemies. On top of that, he is also able to easily deduce weaknesses and flaws in a weapon's design, allowing him to break it despite its durability or efficiency. He has also made it a habit to study the strengths and weaknesses of his fellow soldiers so he could take them down if a situation where he would need to should ever occur.

Also, because of his incredible brain activity, he can think and process information much quicker than a normal person and even faster than before he gained the Quick Unit, which grants him the ability to be smooth and quick with his actions while also taking in his surroundings. He also has a way of analyzing other people, particularly their combat ability based on his ability to enrage them. This is shown during his confrontation with Alaska, where he is able to deduce Alaska's strengths and weaknesses based on the twitching rate of his fists, the pause duration before he stood up to confront him, and the intensity of his reaction to his analysis of Maine.


"A hundred gigawatts."
—Carolina noting the intensity of his bioelectric current

His bioelectricity is also massive. This bioelectric current has significantly increased his regeneration: he can heal from wounds like stabbing, cutting, even headshots within the span of thirty seconds and can heal from major burns or injuries within the span of a week without permanent repercussions. This bioelectricity also adds a stunning effect to his physical strikes, as the clenching of his muscles causes great electricity to go through his body, acting not only as an attack enhancer but also acting as a natural overshield, though with less potency.

4th Wall Awareness

Like the members of Project Valhalla, Carolina possesses a degree of a 4th wall awareness. It would appear sometimes that he is aware of his status as a fictional character, which is shown in the fact that he refers to the other members of the Program as "characters" instead of people and he's even made note of character types; for example, he has stated that Alaska is an attempt at a "Gary Stew."

Miscellaneous Skills

He's also skilled with lockpicking and infiltration, being capable of breaking into an armed military base undetected, though he almost never ends these missions without "tearing shit up" and, as a result, usually brings some form of explosive device with him on such missions.

Also, due to growing up under a lead scientist for the UNSC, Alin has a degree of understanding of computer software, physics, biology, and anatomy, as he can hack most computer terminals rather easily, get a hit on any target within a reasonable range depending on the gun's power, and can perform first aid on someone based on their symptoms, though his actual medical expertise is rather limited.

Due to studying his own body and the placement of the nerves on his body, he knows the exact location of every single nerve inside of a human body. When he's not holding back, his fighing style consists of severing those nerves to either paralyze, incapacitate, or deactivate the senses. His favorite nerves to sever are the optic nerves, as he enjoys the symbolism behind putting people in the same darkness that he had to endure for ten long years.

Language Fluency

"Anata no hizano ue wo shutokushi masu; yurushiwo hoshi."
—Carolina speaking Japanese

Besides English, Carolina is also fluent in Japanese, German, Greek, and Hebrew. Carolina has, on a number of occasions, given taunts, threats, and orders in Japanese; he is also fluent enough in German that he can read the original poems on Norse Mythology; he can do the same with the original stories on Greek Mythology. He has also read the tora, the Jewish religious book, and has analyzed it using both his logic and his perspective.

Carolina seems to use German, Greek, and Hebrew strictly for reading and speaking with the locals, while he uses Japanese when he's particularly angry or upset, usually using it to imitate characters, particularly those with a dark alignment or mental state.


Despite Carolina's very incredible power, he does have weaknesses. His main weakness is his lack of cooperative skills: due to going on solo missions so often, he is accustomed to being alone and, as a result, finds it difficult to act on a team, at least if the team doesn't revolve their strategy around his actions.

Also, Carolina's dark, cynical personality makes it difficult for him to sustain relationships. Though Carolina has formed a bond with Ark and Nevada, he has admitted that he won't be surprised if they eventually abandoned him. Also, Carolina has noted how others have acted around him: North attempts to ostracize him, Connecticut gave up on him, Wash never gave an attempt for him, and Tex keeps his distance. The only people he ever trusted to a degree that he couldn't let them go were York and his mother Yura, both of whom died under some sort of circumstance that, though he couldn't prevent, still feels like he could have.

Because he never left his house as a child, he never learned how to drive or pilot and, as a result, usually requires someone else to get him where he needs to go, particularly when it involves intergalactic travel. However, he's capable of learning quickly so long as he gains instruction, so this weakness could be rectified if he had a teacher or some form of instruction. Though he doesn't know how to drive or pilot all that well, he seems good enough in a Falcon to fly it to his destination before crashing it into the ground or ocean, depending on what he's flying over.

Also, when it comes to vehicles, besides being incapable of driving or piloting them, it is hinted that he is also inept in their construction, as when he asks to help, the one he asks makes a remark saying that he'd probably end up destroying the vehicle rather than repairing it; whether this is because of a lack of vehicular construction skills or simply because of his penchant for aggression when irritated is unclear.

Carolina's enhanced brain activity also acts as a weakness: due to his brain activity being so great and that it can maintain itself without sustenance for great periods of time, Alin has developed a form of insomnia, which makes it difficult for him to rest under normal circumstances. He can only rest if he's completely relaxed in mindset and, even then, something as light or quiet as a door opening or closing gently can wake him up and put him on guard.

Armor Enhancements

"My armor isn't standard but then nothing about me is standard."
—Carolina describing his technology

Due to gaining his armor enhancements from his father, Maya, rather than the Director of the Program, Alin's armor enhancements are rather unique compared to the other soldiers. His first armor enhancement is a Nervous System Enhancer, nicknamed the Quick Unit by Alin. It works by thickening his nerves to such a degree that he is capable of moving at greater speeds than normal. This armor enhancement grants him enhanced speed, strength, accuracy, and reflexes. Also, due to the enhancement increasing the size of his nerves for a permanent enhancement rather than being temporary like the other members, he retains these physical enhancements even if the unit is damaged, stolen, or is otherwise left unusable. However, the unit is rather powerful and unstable, as Alin has admitted that the unit can overload the central nervous system and kill the user if they're not careful. This is why he recommends that, if anyone should use it, they should start it off with 1% of its maximum power and nothing higher and then go up .1 percent every month.

After being reduced on the leader board from 2nd to 3rd (being ousted by Maine), Alin felt he needed to get stronger and better quickly. As a result, he asked for a second Armor Enhancement from Maya, something that can help him improve. As a result, Maya, after tinkering with it, gave him a Gravity Unit, which can release up to 20 G's of force in any direction. However, he has yet to use it on anyone other than himself, using it to enhance his already incredible strength, speed, and reflexes through training and practice. He also uses it to increase the range and speed a bullet goes when he pulls a gun's trigger, acting as a makeshift coilgun.

Due to the significant power reserves these two armor enhancements require to use, Alin gained a dark matter convertor from Maya to compensate for this weakness.

After York's death, he acquired a healing unit, which he then passed onto Nevada when he died.


His main weapon is the M6C Magnum pistol, which he uses to great effect, being capable of getting three consecutive headshots on three targets from one hundred meters away with the use of the Magnum and physics calculations made in his head. However, he knows that the Magnum has limited strength and, as a result, keeps the significantly stronger Battle Rifle as a sidearm when he needs to deal more damage.

The M6 series pistol he uses varies from time to time; by default, he carries the M6C pistol, due to its sound suppressor, muzzle brake and black polymer finish (he likes the color black). However, on other occasions, he uses the upsized M6G Magnum pistol, due to its explosive ammunition, though he's not too fond of the color. And other times still, he uses an M6F Magnum due to its smart-linked scope, though again, he doesn't very much like the color. And last, he sometimes uses the M6D for its explosive ammunition and smart-link scope and chooses it when he can't decide between the scope or explosive ammunition. Out of all of them, his favorite is the M6C purely because of its color.

Carolina also keeps a modified Combat Knife on him at all times, which he keeps holstered on the right side of his back, due to wielding his pistol left handed. The knife has a compartment in it that will separate from the rest of the knife, revealing a large severing wire in the middle which he can use to entangle enemies and cut up just about anything. The wire is particularly durable, withstanding the shock of multiple shots from Maine's Bruteshots and it's fine and thin enough to cut through the MJOLNIR armor with enough force, making it a particularly valuable weapon to him.

Recently he has created a sword that he has begun to use on his missions. The sword is a katana of standard length with a red hilt and golden guard. The guard itself is the Quick Unit modified to wrap around the tang of a sword, while the hilt is actually a Gravity unit that has an unusual shape. The guard applies electrical impulses to the edge of the sword's blade, vibrating the molecules at incredibly high levels, adding to its cutting potential, even when it isn't very well taken care of. Meanwhile, the Gravity Unit applies forces that push out from the sides of the blade, pushing away whatever may get on the blade; both of these make it significantly easier to cut through just about anything. Though the upper limit of this blade's cutting potential has yet to be tested, its cutting ability is sufficient to cut through steel and kevlar with little difficulty. Whether it can cut through the MJOLNIR armor or not has yet to be tested. Unlike his other equipment, which is either standard or built by his father, this katana was actually invented by Alin himself, making use of his maternal family tradition of forging blades and his father's inventive genius and combining them into a potentially lethal weapon.

Notable Quotes and Conversations

"You don't get it, do you? You're not stronger than me. You're not faster than me. You're not more durable than me. You're not a better fighter than me! You don't realize why you're now one rank higher than me on the board: it's actually really simple: it's because you and North get along. You got injured during that invasion of our base and North felt that it'd be bad if you didn't get compensation; as a result, The Director gave you my rank. In other words, you got that rank out of pity. And achievements given to you out of pity won't get you very far. You let your hollow rank go to your head and as a result you're pinned to the ground with my hand wrapped around your throat."
—Carolina explaining Maine's situation
"Hey, my best friend died for your mission. If you keep up the disrespect, he won't be the only one by the end of the day!"
—Carolina threatening The Director
"Snipers are so weak; they rely on stealth and accuracy. As a result they can't defend themselves when they're found out and backed into a corner. That's what makes me better than you!"
—Carolina taunting North
"I can block a bullet with a standard length katana. What can you do?"
—Carolina comparing himself to Maine, North, South, and York.
"Hey, do me a favor and try not to turn Sharon. I don't think two mothers would be good on the kid."
—Carolina joking about Nevada's sexuality
"You know what would be a really good punishment for me? Trap me in a room full of busty, horny porn stars. That'll show me."
—Carolina just being sarcastic
"Let me tell you something right now. Weaklings don't get to decide the time of their death."
—Carolina being cruel
"They said you've been briefed on me. How far do you think I'm willing to go?"
—Carolina interrogating
"My program was put in place to avoid the second guessing of galactic law."
—Unnamed Soldier
"And I represent the second guessing of galactic law."
"I don't make a habit of putting my loved ones under someone else's command."
"Okay, if you three don't tell me what I want to know peacefully and without question, then your head is going up the middle guy's ass, the middle guy's head is going up your ass, and you got the short stick because your head is going up my ass."
"See this? This is how a gun in your face feels! It happens to me everyday! You can't handle this!"
"Would you rather be a snitch or a corpse?"
—Carolina interrogating
"How come every time there's a problem, you end up running to me?"
—Carolina questioning The Director and North's competence
"I just saved you from a nasty prison shower scene."
"How do I shut this thing up?"
—Carolina telling North to shut up
"The higher-ups can kiss my ass!"
—Carolina rebelling
"I think I'll just kill you instead."
—Carolina ending negotiations
"I was just thinking how you remind me of Santa Clause."
—Carolina making a joke
"It's your job to save my boots from burning lava. We don't give medals to soldiers for doing their jobs."
—Carolina rejecting York
"Sometimes Maine's a real ass. Just try to ignore him."
—Carolina talking to Ark
"Carolina, you are insufferable. No matter what we're doing, no matter what the mission is, you always question my competence!"
"The best way to stop that is to show me your competence."
—Carolina's calm retort
"You won't look so smug with a hole in your head."
"We could use a decoy right about now!"
"I volunteer!"
"I haven't been shot in the head nearly enough times to make that seem like a good idea."
"How many times have you? I think I have the highest record of shots in the head at the moment."
"About 17 if you don't count knives, explosions, or Elite claws."
"Well, not everyone is as invulnerable as you, Caro."
"I'm about to blow this place to hell and gone. If you want to make it out alive, you'd better start running."
—Carolina's warning
"Halt! Relinquish your weapons!"
—Unnamed Soldier
"I'll relinquish my bullets. Where do you want them?"
"Carolina-Man, Carolina-Man, does whatever Carolina can!"
—Carolina as he swings on his severing wire
"I bet you've hatched a 'brilliant' plan in that hungry little brain of yours. So, who or what do I have to shake down, knock out, or blow up?"
—Carolina during briefing
"The Director always made us do things that we shouldn't have. That's why I quit."
—Carolina (Red vs. Blue canon)
"You were a Freelancer? Oh, uh, I guess that explains your. . . Charming sense of humor."
—Carolina (Project Freelancer: Rebirth)
"If we do this, The Director could figure out this whole operation."
—Maya Hertz
"That's fine. I want the Director to know that it's ME who's hurting him."
—Dick Hertz
"If you perform these tasks, I'll give you weapon and biological upgrades at any time."
—Maya Hertz
"Kill enemies? Get toys? Sounds good to me."
"Don't come near me! I know you're with those monsters! You're here to silence me!"
—Unnamed Scientist
"If I was here to kill you, you wouldn't be talking right now."
"Ark, instead of focusing your animosity for the stronger members of the program on yourself, turn it into something you can use: North and South are comparable snipers to you, Maine and Tex are physically stronger, Nev and I are more skilled in close combat; use this knowledge to fuel your drive to make yourself stronger. If this wasn't the right thing to do with it, where do you think I'd be?"
—Carolina advising Ark
"Hey, Dick, I like you!"
—Sharon while drunk
"I like you, too, Sharon."
"I want people to know just how much I like you."
"Okay, maybe you should tell people one at a time so they don't get overwhelmed by the revelation."
"Or, an alternative would be for me to yell it to everyone in this room in one go."
"I suppose you could do that but that's not recommended."
"Hey, everybody! I like Dick!"
"Yeah, I suppose you could do that."
"I'll have you know that I'm one of the great minds of today's society."
—Unnamed Scientist
"Yeah, well I'm one of the great weapons of today's society. Tell me, which do you think will decide your fate at the end of this conversation?"
—Carolina threatening a scientist
"You can be a real ass sometimes. I should just learn to ignore you."
"Good idea, give me the cold shoulder. And, while you're at it, Lois, maybe you can turn into a lesbian and sleep with Sharon or Nev just to get back at me."
—Carolina being sarcastic
"You really wouldn't mind if I slept with...oh god damn it."
"You have a response to everything, don't you?"
"It's one of my finer points."
"Get up, Ark."
—Carolina while training with Ark
"I can't. I'm beat."
"Come on, Ark, I've seen oversexualized Japanese girls with oddly colored hair with more energy than you."
"Isn't it kind of underhanded to compare Ark to a Japanese character in a fighting game series?"
"Not when that character kicks more ass than he does."
"So hey."
—New Hampshire
"Hey, look, I'd like to ask you to be careful around some of these people. North in particular will stab you in the back if he thinks you don't serve any purpose anymore."
—Carolina warning Hampshire
"I understand."
—New Hampshire
"Also, try not to outshine Ark too much if you're capable. Ark's a bit sensitive about his usefulness in this program as a sniper and the fact that North and South are higher ranked on the board doesn't really help."
"I might as well say it now; if you do hurt my friends also, expect me to do the same to you."
—New Hampshire
"I said don't outshine him, not don't hurt him. Ark is more than capable of holding his own in a full out brawl. Also, you don't realize it yet but since I've decided to give your personality the benefit of the doubt, allow me to give you a warning: if you harm Ark or any of my friends, there are plenty of people in the galaxy besides me that will take you down for it and most of them I'm incapable of controlling. That's fair warning, what happens to you from now on is no longer my responsibility."
—Carolina before walking off.


Due to the unique nature of Carolina's character, he often makes references to other media and continuities, such as comic books, video games, TV shows, and Manga.

  • A good number of his quotes are references to both the Mass Effect and the Jak and Daxter series, particularly the aggressive ones, as he uses them when he needs to.
  • He has modified the lyrics from the opening song from the Animated Spider-Man series from 1967: while swinging from his cutting wire, he sings "Carolina-Man, Carolina-Man, does whatever Carolina can!" not only referencing Spider-Man but also referencing Agent Carolina from the canon Red vs. Blue series.
  • His quote "Weaklings don't get to decide the time of their death," is a paraphrase of what is said to Captain Tashigi by the Pirate Trafalgar Law during their fight in the manga One Piece.
  • Carolina's first name is a reference to Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, a DC comics character.
  • Carolina's description of South is a reference to Tim Drake, another DC comics character.
  • Alin's death mirrors that of Zack Fair in the end of the game in which he stars, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
  • Carolina's bulging nerves and their effects are similar to those of Enishi Yukishiro from the manga Rurouni Kenshin by Nobuhiro Watsuki.
  • Carolina's bones being coated in stainless steel is similar to the Marvel comics character Wolverine, who had his skeleton melded with Adamantium, an Iron-based alloy. These concepts are similar in that both metals are Iron-based (Steel is made mostly of Carbon and Iron) and both substances regenerate within their respective bodies.
  • In York's Legacy, Alin makes a description and then a name; the name was Jennifer Walters, the She-Hulk of Marvel Comics fame. The description he gave was full of references to her:
    • Him being dense is a reference to She-Hulk's muscle mass, which is similar to Bruce Banner's Hulk transformations but significantly denser, making her look a lot lighter than she actually is.
    • The strength is an obvious reference to any and all Hulk incarnations.
    • Him training a lot refers to Jennifer Walters increasing her physical strength through training, using The Thing's weights to do it.
    • And him looking like a girl is an obvious reference to the fact that She-Hulk is a woman.
    • Also, the Earth-616 that he makes reference to is Marvel Comics' mainstream continuity.
  • Alin has also made reference to Men at Work, a new TBS sitcom. He does it by using his quote, which he uses to repair relationships with his female friends, or at least Sharon, "Will you be my rebound ass?"
    • It should be noted that Sharon and Nevada also make reference to this in the Prologue of York's Legacy.
  • Carolina's fighting style is a reference to multiple different places:
    • Carolina's gun fighting style in terms of his magnum comes from the Devil May Cry Protagonist Nero.
    • Carolina's sword fighting style resembles the Ninja Gaiden protagonist Ryu Hayabusa.
    • His martial arts style vaguely resembles DC comics' Nightwing, though with much greater power to his attacks.
    • Carolina's fighting style in terms of his modified combat knife is reminiscent of the character Hei from Darker than Black.
  • Wyoming's nickname "The Joker" may be a pun: Wyoming tells jokes but is also a killer, which are both traits of the DC comics character Joker; due to his knowledge of fictional characters and his habit of comparing himself and other things to comic book characters and situations, this is likely the case.
  • The Director's nickname "Templar" is a reference to the Assassin's Creed's Templars, as both are attempting to manipulate their followers with technology and persuasion.
  • His nickname for West is most likely a reference to the appearances of the Smosh cast in Seasons 9 and 10 of Red vs. Blue.
  • His nickname for South is another reference to Tim Drake.
  • His nickname for Alaska is a reference to the One Piece character Portgas D. Ace.
  • The girl's names Carolina has given to York are the names of comic book women that he liked.
    • Susan is the first name of Susan Storm, the Fantastic 4's Invisible woman.
    • Gwendolyne refers to the Spider-Man character Gwendolyne Stacy, who was Spider-Man's first love interest and was the one whose death resulted in a smarter use of his powers on Spider-Man's part.
    • Mary Jane refers to the Spider-Man character Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man's wife prior to Mephisto rewriting his history.
    • Jennifer refers to Jennifer Walters, the current She-Hulk and cousin of Bruce Banner, the current Hulk.
    • Rachel refers to Rachel Roth, the Teen Titans character Raven, who is the daughter of Trigon and the embodiment of the Sin of Pride.
    • Cassie refers to the Teen Titans character Cassandra Sandsmark, the second Wonder Girl.
  • Carolina's referring to Ark and York as girls references Doctor Perry Cox calling Doctors John Dorian and Christopher Terk girl's names during the TV show Scrubs.
  • Carolina's description of the Japanese girl with more energy than Ark in terms of fighting endurance refers to the Dead or Alive character Ayane.
    • Surprisingly, Nevada gets the reference despite the fact that the majority of characters seem not to get his references.
  • Carolina's feelings of being a demon hunter during Mission 0104 is a reference to the Devil May Cry character Dante.
    • Carolina himself is a reference to Dante in general in terms of personality, in combination with his brother Vergil, with the general disrespect belonging to Vergil and the sarcasm coming from Dante.
  • During his fight with Baldr, Carolina makes reference to three characters and one military program outside of the continuity.
    • The Ninja is a reference to Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden fame.
      • The way he kills Baldr is similar to an Obliteration technique from Ninja Gaiden 2.
    • The Demon Hunter is a reference to Dante from Devil May Cry.
    • And the Horseman of War refers to War from Darksiders.
    • The Military program he refers to is SOLDIER, a special task force created by the ShinRa Electric Power Company to fight off their enemies in the video game Final Fantasy VII. He also makes reference to the infusion of both Mako energy and Jenova cells inside of the SOLDIERs and the fact that all of them use swords to fight.

Notes and Trivia

  • Alin is left handed.
  • Carolina explains to Nevada and Arkansas that he invented the Katana as a way of separating himself from the original Agent Carolina; indeed the two do share similarities:
    • Both of their primary weapons are Magnums.
    • They share the same helmet.
    • Both share a disliking for another soldier, both of them named Texas.
    • Both of them make use of incredible agility and reflex action in their time as Freelancers, with both of them rarely if ever getting shot or injured by a gun.
    • Both of them share a close relationship with another Freelancer, both named York.
    • Despite all of their similarities, however, it should be noted that their armor colors are inverted and opposite; Alin's armor is black, while Carolina's secondary color is white. Carolina's armor color is a light blue, while Alin's secondary color is crimson red.
      • Though red and blue are not opposites, in popular culture, red is often considered as a contrast to blue, as blue is often the color of good while red is often the color of evil.
  • Though all other evidence refutes this, Alin's final thought in death suggests that he may have been religious. Though it is unclear whether this is true, he seems to find peace when he brings this thought to the forefront of his mind just before his death.
  • Carolina's personality is that of the stereotypical "bad boy" manga character; a character that is easily angered and prone to physical outbursts but possesses a kind heart.
    • Like all other characters of this kind, he is unwilling to admit that he is kind and is much more comfortable acting tough and cold toward most people.
  • Despite seeming like the lightest, Carolina is actually the heaviest of the Freelancers, due to his much greater mass. He weighs a little over a ton, which is something that surprised York and frustrates most others. His lean frame is caused by a Density Shifter.
  • Carolina has three known theme songs, as chosen by the creator of this character. The first is You're Going Down by Sick Puppies , the second is Indestructible by Disturbed, and the third is Scream by Thousand Foot Krutch.
  • Carolina shares many traits belonging to at least three other characters created by Pwndulquiorra: Kurayami Museigen, Jak Macgregor, and Lung.
    • They all share similar physical descriptions: black hair, red eyes, pale skin, lean builds, and at least one prominent scar.
    • They all share incredible fighting ability with an aptitude for close range combat; Carolina shares a particular similarity to Kurayami in this case, as both fighters fight barehanded and with katana. Carolina also fights with Jak's martial art.
    • All of them are good with kids: Dick has a close bond with Katie, Jak had a great relationship with his son before his death, Lung took care of kids when he was forced to (though he wasn't particularly bad at it), and Kurayami had close bonds with at least three little girls and could cheer up a little boy before finding his mother.
    • They are also all sarcastic and aggressive in terms of personality, to the point of attacking people on a whim without so much as a slight warning.
    • They all also have father problems: Dick was experimented on by his father, Kurayami's father is the main antagonist of his story, Jak's father was the mentor for his arch-rival, and Lung's father turned him in to Project Beast for the Dragon Augmentation. A similarity that Carolina shares with Kurayami in particular is that, along with a hatred of their fathers, they also have attractive mothers and share close bonds with them.
      • These traits all seem to be part of a stereotype for his protagonists, as Carolina is the protagonist of York's Legacy, Kurayami is the protagonist of The Great Union, Jak is the protagonist of The Great Union: Death God, and Lung is the protagonist of Dragon.
      • Dick once made reference to these similarities: when he went clothes shopping with James, Sharon, and Katie, he asked "Do I look like a closet pedophile or an autistic godmodder?" This is a reference to the insults that Lung and Kurayami have given each other, as Lung calls Kurayami an autistic godmodder and Kurayami calls Lung a closet pedophile. The outfit itself was one that Jak wears commonly in his appearances; even the combat gloves were the same.
  • Carolina's nicknames for the other members of the Program reflect his view on them:
    • Maine's nickname "Atlas" refers to Maine's size and ability to use heavy weapons with little difficulty.
    • His nicknames for Connecticut "Edward Scissorhands" and "Michael Myers" are due to his preference for knives.
    • Washington's nickname "CIA dirtbag" references Wash's secretive, silent, and serious nature.
    • Wyoming's nickname "The Joker" references his lighthearted nature around the members of the Program while also possessing his ability to kill in a heartbeat.
    • He calls The Director "Templar" because The Director attempts to control the soldiers using technology and persuasion.
    • He calls York "Santa Clause" as a joke.
    • He calls North "Dogboy" because of his obedience toward The Director.
    • He calls The Counselor "Closet Pedophile" because he finds both incredibly creepy.
    • He calls Texas "The Hulk" likely because of his preference for brute strength over finesse.
    • Carolina calls Utah "Forest" seemingly because of his comparative lack of intelligence, which would be a reference to Forest Gump. However, Carolina actually calls him Forest because "He confuses and irritates people," referencing his view that he is annoying.
    • He calls Nevada "Hard to get" likely because of her few sexual partners. However, this is ironic as she has been seductive toward Ark, Maine, Wyoming, and Carolina himself.
    • He calls South "Drake" because he views him as "The perfect fifth man."
    • He calls Ark "The little engine that could" as a joke.
    • He's also referred to Virginia as "32G." This could be a bra size; however, due to Virginia's seemingly flat chest, it is unknown whose bra this would be or what significance it holds.
    • He's referred to West as Ian is most likely a reference to his whiney personality, though it could just as easily be his name.
    • He refers to Cal as "Dictionary" because she gets his references and is often the one who has to explain them to the other agents.
    • He calls Alaska "Ace" seemingly due to his strength. However, in reality, it is because he "Bites off more than he can chew." However, it should be noted that both of these reasons fit the character he is referencing.
    • He calls Montana "The perfect house wife," because she will defend Maine and support him regardless of what anyone has to say about it. He has also referred to her as "Anorexic" due to her slim build, noting that she "can't weigh anymore than my right hand."
      • Also, that last comment about her weight isn't sarcasm. Due to his bones being infused with stainless steel, his skin being infused with aramid, and the general density of his skin, bones, and muscle tissue, his hands weigh about 90 pounds a piece.
    • He calls Arizona "D" because she's incredibly tall for a woman, which is a reference to the D battery.
      • This particular nickname makes her angry at first because she initially thinks it's a reference to bras.
      • It should be noted that some of Carolina's nicknames have caught on, as Virginia once referred to Connecticut as "Edward," Tex once called Washington "Dirtbag," and South once mockingly barked at North as a joke.
      • It should also be noted that Arizona and Montana's nicknames are sometimes used interchangeably, due to their similarities in appearance, personality, and preferences.


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