Snap, Crackle, BOOM! is the third episode of Zanzibar .


Some backstories are revealed, and the big events begin!


Red Team

Blue Team


<Opens with a strange sequence; flashes of memories and half-digested thoughts flashing around. Edges of screen are cloudy. A blue armored hand gropes.>

Voice: "No.... no."

<Suddenly clears. A doctor, with white and red armor, and a nurse appear in the viewer's line of view.>

Doctor: "It's okay, Mr. James. You're all better."

Voice: "What.... what happened?"

Nurse: "We're not sure. The people who brought you in didn't say anything, though you had intensive wounds on the left side of your body."

Voice: ".... Rachel. Did... she make it?"

Doctor: "Who's Rachel?"

Voice: "Who's..."

<Suddenly flashes to a odd scene, still in point of view. Smoke and flames surround them, and a female Spartan is holding the door open, it is closing rapidly.>

Female Spartan: "Go, Ichabod! Go!"

Voice: "Rachel, no! I can't leave you here to die!"

Female Spartan: "Go! .... I'm sorry, Icky. There's no other way. Go, live! For me!"

Voice: "Rachel...."

Female Spartan: "GO!"

<Flashes back to hospital.>

Nurse: "Can I get you anything?"

<Flashes back through more events, back into the muddled. Suddenly it flashes back to reality. Icky stands up rapidly, panting.>

Icky: "Heh...heh. Calm down, Ichabod."

<Cuts to Red Base. Mikey and LeRoy are standing in a center room, facing each other.>

Mikey: "I told you. The Rice Krispies was mine!"

LeRoy: "Who freakin' cares? Just eat the Cookie Crisps."

Mikey: "No! I want my Rice Krispies!"

LeRoy: "Well, that's just- wait, did you see that?"

<Cuts to outside. A Banshee, on fire, spins around the canyon for a few minutes, before coming down over the far hills with a large crash.>

LeRoy: "Holy crap! What was that?!"

<Issy runs in.>

Issy: "Are the orcs attacking?! Man the battle stations!!"

LeRoy: "Go back to sleep, Captain. Mikey and I'll deal with this!"

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