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Sleeves, the Insurrection Heavy who appears in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives








The Insurrection



Armor Color

Red (Primary), Black (Secondary), Steel (Detail)


Number Six



"So what should we call you?"

"Call me Rookie."

"Okay, I'm Sleeves."

- Sleeves introduces himself to the Rookie

Sleeves is mentioned in the first episode of Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives however does not make a physical appearanc until Meet and Greet. Sleeves is the Insurrection's heavy soldier. While he is not a central character to the plot, his role in Rookie's character evolution will be explored in depth over time.

Role in the Plot

Recruiting the Rookie

Sleeves was part of the three man team designed to infiltrate the UNSC training facility known as 'Briar Rose' and secure a new leader for The Insurrection. Girlie scouted the base for two weeks until she found her target, Archer worked on an extraction plan. While Archer prepared a warthog that would take he, the Rookie and Girlie from the base; Sleeves hijacked a Hornet wich would take the four to another area of the planet. Upon arriving with the Rookie at the Insurrection naval vessel The Turtle Sleeves departed to Longshore, the Insurrection base, prematurely and awaited the Rookie's arrival so that he could escort him to the Insurrection Leader.


Combat Armor

Sleeve's combat armor consists of an OSDT Helmet, and thick armor to help with heavy defence. He has sleevess arms to expose his muscular upper body. His armor colors consist of Red primary colors, Black secondary colors and Black armor details. He has a red and black fist symbol as his personal emblem.

Sleeves' personal emblem

List of Injuries

Sleeves has not yet recieved any injuries while serving under The Insurrection.


Sleeves' personality has not been explored in enough depth to be recorded. However it should be noted that unlike the other Insurrectionists he treated Rookie with kindness when he introduced himself.

Skills and Abilities

Sleeves' skills have not yet been shown and can not be recorded. However it is highly likely his primary skill is brute force in combat.


Sleeves has not been shown to have a relationship with any of the other characters at this point in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives.


  • Sleeves made an appearance in Rooster Teeth's Red vs. Blue Season 9 and 10 as a significant character to develop the Freelancer back story.
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