Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons is a character in RvB On a Boat, and member of the Red.

Early LifeEdit

Simmons was raised in the perfect family. Mother, Father, him, and a younger sister. From the moment he caught on, Simmons was always trying to get away. He studied several robot classes, and built his own, robot friends. His real friend, was always Dexter Grif. He later had Grif stay at his house when their mother left them, and they became roomates in collage.

Joining the RedEdit

Due to Grif's Sister getting him drunk, Simmons prevented Grif from studying for the final exam, resulting in Grif getting kicked out.

When Grif went to the sea, Simmons told Sister where to find him if anything went wrong. He then joined the ship himself, and he became friends with Grif once more.

On the RedEdit

Simmons quickly proved his efficiancey to Sarge and later became his favorite. This caused a small rift between him and Grif, though that seems to be healed.

He, along with Grif, had distrusted Donut, until Grif lost it all, and he and Donut fell over the edge. Simmons rescued them.


Simmons 2

Simmons in his scuba gear.