Sergeant Michael Raccoon

Sergeant Michael Raccoon is the captain of the RvB Red, and a main character in RvB On a Boat.

Early LifeEdit

Sarge was born in the 1800s, growing up in time to fight in both World War 1 and II. He actually fought in the Iraq War, as well as several others, before a mine blew up his hand, forcing him to get a prosthetic. He was forced to retire, and joined RvB Boating out of his latelife crisis.

First ShipEdit

Sarge was first given Command of the RvB Sidewinder, where he was attacked by Tex. He managed to suprise and stun her, then escaped on a life boat.

He was rescued by Simmons and Grif on the Red, and became their official captain, still perferring the nickname, Sarge.

On the RedEdit

Sarge early on developed a hatred for Grif, whom he regarded as lazy and useless, while forming a miniscule friendship with Simmons, who was efficient and useful.

He runs the ship like an army barracks, exactly like the commanding officers of those do his. He is considered one of the most feared captains in the fleet.


Sarge 2

Sarge in his scuba gear.