Agent Mississippi
Name: Agent Mississippi
Affiliations: Project Freelancer
First Appearance: Project Freelancer: Rebirth- Saving Private West Virginia
Armor Color(s): Red and Purple
Occupation(s): Melee Combatant
Weapon(s): Unknown

Sandra Chase is the head technological officer of Project Freelancer. She holds a reserve membership in the Project, under the codename of Mississippi. She works in PF's main Base, working on suit repairs and updating F.I.L.S.S.


Sandra wears a simple Mark II armor, with the scout helmet equipped. She has a blue and red configuration. Underneath the armor, she has black-ish hair, goes down to her shoulders. She has a mostly attractive appearance, though a slight scar on her forehead stands out.


Sandra has a sarcastic and occasionally patronizing personality. However, she often laughs and knows some good jokes. She often teases the men on the group.



She takes some pleasure in physically abusing Alaska when she can, and other times teasing him or tickling him.


"Not yet. But I'll take it up one day."
—Sandra replying to Wyoming asking her if she wants a drink.

Sandra views Wyoming as harmless, occasionally for amusement. She has nicknamed him "Goat Balls", do the stench he gave off when she rescued him from the Insurrectionists. On the most part, she rejects his occasional advances, but bounces them back at him.

New Hampshire

—Sandra tossing the Gamma chip.

Sandra and NH are slightly close, with her working on keeping his armor running with the virus and whatnot. She also occasionally does inspections on Theta and other parts of NH's armor.

New CT

"Show me my room. Now."
—Sandra talking to CT.

It is unsure what her stance with CT is. She treats him nicely, but also uses him for the occasional chore. However, she has told him the story of her scar, and often keeps him from getting hurt against Washington.

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