Wake-Up Call is the first chapter of Red vs. Blue: Strikedown.

Wake-Up Call

As early morning rose, Iowa was soundly asleep in his hotel bed. The freelancer was hoping that his mission would be a simple one, but he knew that hardly anything involving Project Freelancer was simple anymore. Everything ended up becoming a complicated mess, especially after the disaster involving Washington and Epsilon.

Agent California walked in, as lively as ever, and strolled over to Iowa's bedside. She lightly patted Iowa on the arm and said, "Time to wake up, Daniel." However, Iowa just rolled over a bit and murmured, "Not now." California grinned, and said with a lighthearted tone, "You always have to make this difficult." The agent walked over to the end of the bed and sat on it. Picking up his foot, she began to gently tickle him, stiffling a few giggles from the sleeping agent, but nothing else. She picked up the pace and fury, causing Iowa to finally wake up and burst into a laughing fit.

"Stop, please, I'm awake, I'm awake," he said, barely managing to get it out through his laughing. Satisfied, California got up and walked out, leaving Iowa to finish waking up. He was just hoping he didn't fall back to sleep; he knew that California would only make the experience an even more exhausting one for him. He and California had been really good friends ever since they had started working for Project Freelancer. He thought of California as the little sister he never had. During training, they always helped each-other out whenever they needed help.

Walking into the kitchen area of their hotel suite, he saw California sitting at the table reading the newspaper. Smiling, he asked, "Why'd you feel the need to wake me up so early?" taking a sip of coffee after doing so. Without looking up from the paper, California replied, "We have to leave for the base in two hours. I don't think our boss is going to like it if we show up late. Besides, you're going to be getting Psi back, remember?" Iowa finally remembered being told that Psi's evaluation was complete and that it was safe for him to be returned to Iowa. "Alright, I'm going to go take a shower and finish getting ready," said Iowa.

What was two hours seemed to go by in minutes, as Iowa and California loaded up their Warthog and took off for the Freelancer Base to receive their mission.

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