Project Freelancer:Edit
  1. Agent Nevada
  2. Agent Montana
  3. Agent Colorado
  4. Agent New Jersey
  5. Agent Arkansas
  6. Agent Maine
  7. Agent Wyoming
  8. Agent Indiana
  9. Agent Arizona
  10. Agent California
  1. ODST Team Blazer
  2. Guards
  3. The Armageddon
  4. The Exile
  5. Darknal

Freelancer Origins; Operation Nova RPEdit

Episode 1; WTF Just Happened Edit

Nevada looked at the sky, slowly turning to face Maine (by now known as The Meta). "Ready?" Nevada asked his team. "By ready, do you mean ready to die, or ready to kickass?" snorted Arkansas, "STFU Arkansas, He means, are we ready to do our duty! Dumbass!" California snapped, annoyed. "Ok, here's the plan, as we know, the insurrection has control of this facility..." Nevada pointed out the ONI facility "We eill go in, in three groups... Maine, Me and Wyoming will take out the lower class security..." Maine punched his fist and grunted his approval "Montana, Colorado and New Jersey will have the responsibility of taking out the camera's" "Got it" Colorado said, loading his Rocket Launcher "...While Arkansas, Arizona and Indiana keep security off us. Both team A, B and C will rendez-vous at the LZ at 0500, timers set?" "Sir, what about me?" California inquired "We need you on the roof, sweetheart" Wyoming answered. "Ok, Let's move out!" shouts of 'Booh- Rahh' erupted from the team as Nevada, Maine and Wyo jogged towards the base. "Think they'll suceed?" Wyoming asked, "Yes, or I would'nt have sent them" Nevada replied. Maine gave him a thumbs up for approval. Nevada looked up and was about to speak when MAC round tore right through the ONI base, blowing it to cinders, his vision blurred as he was hurteled into the air, then nothing...

To Be Continued in Episode 2; Bigass Space Laser
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