New Jersey (AKA GriffonDefender) is the team's driving jockey. Although he is hazardous with his warthog, NJ has never failed to transport his team to the desirable location.

Agent New Jersey
Name: Agent New Jersey
Affiliations: Project Freelancer Omega Squad
First Appearance:  ?
Armor Color(s): Primary: Maroon

Secondary: Black

Occupation(s): Freelancer
Weapon(s): Handgun, Shotgun
Relative(s): Classified
Armor Enhancement: Speed Unit
Voice Actor: Michael Jones

He went with Nevada, Colorado and Montana, meeting several of the "Original" Freelancers (I.E. Wash, C.T. Etc.) on a grim assignment to catch the 'Meta' who later joins Omega squad briefly before betraying them.

Early Life

new Jersey always had an academic streak in him; when he joined the army, he was, quite literally, jumped in to Freelancer only two months into is training course. He serves as the Teams on-site medic, technician and driving jockey (having one of the most important roles since leading) He has received onerous medals for the lives he has saved on and off the field.

Blood Gulch

"What the...


—Nevada narrowly avoiding New Jersey's

New Jersey's notoriously dangerous driving makes it hard for coordinated assaults on the field. luckily, his AI, Zeta, implanted a neural interwoven com-system between each team member, as to keep their heads intact.


"The SHIT song;

S is for shotgun, which I use the most;

H is for Hell, where my enemies rot;

I is for Implode, which I cause a lot;

And T is for Terrorism, because I KILL ALL Y'ALL! "

—New Jersey's Rhythm

Will he run you over, shoot you or just Deafen you? One thing I do know, is to not underestimate him. the last soldier to do that was quite literally T-Baged and Burned.

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