Nevada is the directer's cousin. throught hs life came hardships unforeseen. By the age of 13 Nevada had left his home in Texas, killing his childhood friend and fleeing the state. He was later found by Maine, whom brought him to freelancer. Upon the realisation that Nevada was his cousin, The Directer was hesitant to let him enter the project, however, Nevada disagreed. "What better way to show faith than to have your own flesh and blood join?". Shortly afterwards, Nevada entered training under Maine's tutoring, meeting

Agent Nevada
Name: Agent Nevada
Affiliations: Project Freelancer Omega Squad

Bounty Hunter's Guild

First Appearance:  ?
Armor Color(s): Primary: Silver

Secondary: Silver

Occupation(s): Freelancer
Weapon(s): Handgun, Energy Sword
Relative(s): The Directer
Armor Enhancement: Drop Sheild, Active Camouflage ( helmet: Hayabusa)
Voice Actor: none

several of the "Original" Freelancers (I.E. Wash, C.T. Etc.). Later on, during tha alpha rebellion, Nevada led the defending force, going head to head with Freelancer Agents Florida and Texas. He killed Florida with a headshot, and knocked Tex out.Shortly after that incident, he was given the task of training three freelancer rookies, Agents New Jersey, Colorado and Montana. With his help they grew... And became agent themselves.

Early LifeEdit

Almost nothing is known about Nevada's early life, except the fact that his father was stationed on Blue Team at Sidewinder. After his death, he joined the army, but was assigned to Freelancer.

Blood GulchEdit


Now that just hurts.

How about this? "

—Nevada to Wyoming talking before he shoots him
On his first mission ever, Nevada took out almost 5 Inserrection

Nevada in his Mark V armor

Soldiers. Injuring a Insurrection Elite, he quikly followed up with breaking his leg.

During his training on the Mother Of Invention He went head to head against Texas, Carolina and Maine, Defending himself against their attacks for almost 5 minutes before cracking, and then followed up with a devasting counter-attack


"The mission is the only thing, everything else is irrelevant."
—Nevada on his first mission.

Theme:Everywhere I Go-Hollywood Undead Battle Theme:Nightmare-Avenged Sevenfold

Nevada is a natural leader. He has sucessfully defended Freelancer for years, even against The Chairman's Agents. He was deported into the war for only a few Months, Untill he killed his C.O.

He also has a sense of accuracy unseen for his violent temper. Unlike most Agents, he prefers to use a handgun instead of a close-combat weapon.He was gifted with an energy sword after he defeated Ripa Moramee, an old
Agent Nevada

Nevada in his Recon armor



"Honestly California, I don't think Ihave much of a heart left to break."
—Nevada to California, His all-time crush.

Life's a bitch is as certain as ever. Nevada's one love, Agent California, happens to be about one of the hardest hard-to-get girls around.Although she is completely oblivious to the fact Nevada likes her.(although Nevada acts like he doesn't)

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