OK, here goes. Colorado, well, He ranks FASTEST! Out of the three trainees Nevada was given to "Train", Colorado became an instant explosive expert, He can't be trusted with rocket launcher and plasma grenades. Colorado has little to no relationships outside of freelancer. Most of his time he spends either talking with the 'team', or polishing his rocket launcher to a high sheen.

Agent Colorado
Name: Agent Colorado
Affiliations: Project Freelancer Omega Squad
First Appearance:  ?
Armor Color(s): Primary: Orange

Secondary: Red

Occupation(s): Freelancer
Weapon(s): Handgun, Rocket Launcher
Relative(s): Classified
Armor Enhancement: Active Camouflage, Mines
Voice Actor: none

He went with Nevada, New Jersey and Montana, meeting several of the "Original" Freelancers (I.E. Wash, C.T. Etc.) on a grim assignment to catch the 'Meta' who later joins Omega squad briefly before betraying them.

Early Life

Colorado always had an impressive standard; When he was 18 he graduated the REACH military program SPARTAN III's with the rank of Petty officer rank III, he was then jumped into Freelancer, where he started his career as a Recovery Agent. He also received over 50 purple hearts, due to his active duty.

Blood Gulch

"So... what next?

Good question, any Ideas?

How about this? "

—Colorado to Nevada, before he blows up their mongoose

Colorado's firsts mission was to sabotage a enemy freight train. He kinda, took explosive measures, however, no matter how much C4 he used, he got the job done(and killed three civilians too).


"Everyone makes a bomb once and a while

Ya, But mine go boom "

—Colorado to Montana

Mind always on the task at hand, Colorado is as deadly as his explosives.Using his A.I's invisibility, in combination with his Rocket Launcher and Plasma Grenades, e is virtually unstoppable.

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