Blood Gulch City,Blue's garage, 3:00 am

Church:Tucker, Caboose, get over here

Tucker:Why,it's 3 in the morning!

Sissy: I have something to show you guys.

Caboose: We'll be right there! (Tucker get up.)

Many crashing noises are heard and when Tucker and Caboose arrive Caboose's nose is bleeding

Sissy: Behold, Shelia the tank!

Tucker: Why Shelia?

Red's Garage

Sarge:Behold, the Mongoose

Griff: I think it looks more like a lizard.

Sarge: What is a lizard?

30 minutes later

Sarge: Hey Simmons, what's the name of that hairy thing in The Himalayas

Simmons: That would be the Yeti, sir.

Sarge: Yeah, Yetathingy, I like it, gotta ring to it.

The camera points towards the celing, as Red vs Blue: The Blood Gulch Saints fades into the screen.

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