Points of Authority is the fourth episode of Rumble Pit's 2nd Season.

Points of Authority

[Opens with an outside view of Boardwalk, then slowly zooms in to the house area. Two Spartans stand there. One is wearing Halo 3-style armor, steel and yellow. The other has recon, and is blue.]

Steel and Yellow: So, you fond this... haxor?

Blue: Indeed. A Banhammer was stolen from our server several weeks ago. We believe that this is the cause of the unregistered ban pending.

Steel and Yellow: Guess you want to protect your image. Be sad if everyone fond out Bungie wasn't in control of everything.

Blue: 343 Studios will be handling things from here on out.

Steel and Yellow: And they'll do a MUCH better job.

Blue: We need you, Agent Washington. You have experience with this haxor.

Steel and Yellow: Something like that.

[WashingtonTheCrazy has left the chat.]

Blue: [Sighs and starts walking away] God help us all... [Suddenly friezes as the tips of an energy sword pass through his chest.]

Wyoming: We told you to ignore the haxor.

Blue: I-I was ordered by my s-supreriors to contact Agent Washi- [The sword passes through him completely, he is dead.]

[LOLTraitor has been banned.]

Wyoming: [Looks up, opens a chat.] Maine? You're going to have company.

Church: [Body is lying on the ground, Maine stands over him, golding the banhammer. A weapon is cocked behind him.]

Tex: [Gun pointed at Maine's head.] Unban him... now...

Meta: [Voice somewhat warped, in garbled English] Fool.[Is sniped suddenly]

Washington: [Runs up, reloading Sniper Rifle, pulling out Banhammer. Before he can reach the spot, Maine's body disappears.]

Tex: Well, if it isn't David. Long time, no see.

Washington: Missed you too, Allison.

Tex: Unban Church.

Washington: I'm trying... [A pause.] Something's not right... I can't contact 343 OR Bungie.

Meta: [Reappers on top of a building, Banhammer drawn. Wash and Tex spin around, Tex raising her rifle, Wash his banhammer.]

Wash: This... could get ugly. Wait, what's that noise?!

[A Warthog blaring Spanish music leaps over, smashing into the Meta, killing him again. It falls down. Sarge, Grif, and Donut climb out.]

Sarge: Gosh dang it, Donut! Don't ever play that music again!

Donut: But Lopez showed it to me! I owe it to him to play it.

[The Meta reappears, growling, Banhammer drawn. The Red team draws their weapons as well. A third figure wearing the same armor color as Church (but all default, not 3-style), walks up.]

New Figure: Now... let's make you unban my brother.

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