Song for this episode, Monster by Skillet.

Episode Two: We Are the Meta

Anchor 9

(Tex's clan is practicing, Tex herself absent. O'Malley is talking to Wyoming.)

O'Malley: Where is she?!

Wyoming: I belief she's playing Doubles with her friend.

O'Malley: The more I think about it, it was a bad idea to let her bring Church to the tournament.

Wyoming: Just now?

O'Malley: Anyway, have you found a suitable canidate?

Wyoming: Yes. He's here right now.

(Meta walks in in his reach armor.)

O'Malley: Oh, wow. He even has the skull symobl on his helmet. I wanted that, but it's so darn expensive.

Wyoming: He's ready for orders.

O'Malley: It's simple. I want you to steal a lag gun, and use on the player who's gamertage reads "ChurchImGhost!"

Meta: (Growling)

Wyoming: He says yes.

Doubles Slayer on Powerhouse

(Red player runs as Church snipes him.)

Church: Huzzaa!

Tex: You seem... happier.

Church: I am.

Tex: Any reason?

Church: No.

Tex: Sure


Tex: Guy on your right.

Church: Oh, crap.

(Meta decamos in the distance, growls.

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