Episode 3: Saturday

Other Side of Standoff

(The Reds are standing by the computer in the red base.)

Simmons: I think I heard something!

Sarge: What is it? Are they plotting?

Grif: Hey, for just a moment, Sarge? What's an old guy like you doing playing Halo?

Sarge: It just reminds me of my days in the army.

Grif: How? You didn't fight aliens.

Sarge: That's classified information. How did you get ahold of it.

Grif: You know what? I've gotta go check on Sister.

(Grif leaves. Sarge turns to Simmons.)

Sarge: So what where they saying?

Simmons: One of them is going with another player to the big Halo tournament. You know the one in Sidewinder Mall?

Sarge: Okay, I'll fire up the Warthog. Let's follow them.

Outside Tex's House: Live Action

(Church is standing by the door, playing a DS. The door opens.)

Tex: Ready to go?

Church: As always.

(As they get into the car, two figures watch from the bushes.)

O'Malley: Did she take the bait?

Wyoming: Yes. Everything is going acording to plan.

Infection on Valhalla

(Tucker and Caboose are running from a hoarde of zombies.)

Tucker: Just shoot them!

Caboose: I'm trying. This gun will not fire.

Tucker: That's because you're out of ammo.

Caboose: Oh.

(A mysterious half-camoed figure appears in front of them.)

Tucker: Who the heck are you?

Figure: You may call me Omega. How's your friend Church?

Tucker: He's at the gaming competition, why- huh?

(The figure disappeared.)

Caboose: He seemed very nice.

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