Episode 2: Trials and Tribulations


(The Blues are standing alone, Church and Tucker apart from Caboose.)

Tucker: Hey, someone just joined are party.

Church: I thought you blocked it!

(Tex appears.)

Tex: Hello, boys.

Caboose: Ah! Mrs. McCrabby!

(He runs off the cliff.)

Church: What are you doing here?

Tex: Just stopping by to see my favorite ex-clan.

Tucker: Go. Away.

Tex: Make me.

Tucker: Nice point.

(Tucker walks away, turns into an monitor.)

Tex: Hey, Church, can I talk to you for a moment?

Church: Ummm. Sure.

(They walk, Caboose going off a Tucker-made ramp to his death.)

Tex: You know how I went MLG and started hanging with the Freelancer Clan.

Church: Don't remind me.

Tex: Well, they're sending me to a big Halo 3 tournament this weekend. And since neither of us have classes that day.

Church: Go on...

Tex: Would you like to come with me?

Church: Really?! I mean, uhm, sure.

Tex: Good. Meet me at my place on Saturday.

Church: Gotch ya.

(Tex leaves the game. Tucker runs over.)

Tucker: What happened?

Church: I can't play this weekend.

Tucker: Why?

Church: I'm going with Tex to some gaming tornament.

Tucker: You two back on?

Church: We'll see.


Tucker: He's just not good with memes.

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