Episode 1: We're all Friends here.

(A blue, Mark V wearing player on Isolation jumps down the hole leading to the Flood chamber. As he lands, he crouches, walking toward the other team.)

Caboose: I am sneaking, I am sneaking...

(The other team turns around to notice him. Sarge raises shotgun.)

Sarge: It's a blue! Get him!

Caboose: Oh no!

(The Reds fire at him as he runs out, screaming. A cobolt and teal player look around from their chat.)

Church: Oh my gosh. What did he get himself into now.

Tucker: Whatever it is, let's get out of here.

Announcer: Game over.

Clan Blue: High Grounds

(Caboose, Tucker, and Church appear)

Church: Okay, what was that?!

Caboose: I was just trying to help.

Tucker: Hey guys, I gotta go. My girlfriend's coming over.

Church: Wich one?

Tucker: Shut up.

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