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Respawned is an upcoming RvB Fanon by MrFluffman. It fuses the universes of RvB and Spawn, this time placing the burden of Spawn unto none other than Leonard Church.

Episodes in Season One

1. Questions

A mysterious figure is disgorged from the ground. Dazed and confused, he only remembers his name, Church, and why he came back...

2. Justice

Church is adjusting to life in the Blood Gulch alleys. Hanging out with bums like Tucker and Caboose really helps his memory. Not. Of course, when a child killer is released by the courts, Church is fed up of a world without justice, and passes his own death sentence.

3. Payback

The mob is tired of their goons being killed in Blood Gulch. Finally deciding that Church is the killer, they send their cyborg assassin, Overtkill, to deal with him.

4. Angela

Meet Angela, a Spawn-slaying angel. After dealing with a Medievil Spawn, Church becomes her next target. However, this Spawn has some new tricks up his sleeve.

5. Flashback

In a sudden moment of clarity, Church remembers his killer. His killer isn't suprised, however, and claims he can kill Church just as easily as before.

6. Myths

In the Season Finale, O'Malley, Church's watchdog, tells a story of him fighting a Medievil Spawn. The battle will echo forever.

Season Two

7. Reflections

The Redeemer rises, with one mission and one mission only: to destroy Church. Church needs some help from his alley friends to defeat this menace.

8. Showtime

Church meets Houdini, who teaches him some new tricks which come in handy when they are attacked by a group of thugs. Houdini inlists him on a demon-destroying mission.

9. The Hunt

Church's former best friend, Eddie, has been targeted as Spawn. Now, Church is forced to aid him, or watch as the rebuilt Overtkill takes him out.

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