Samuel Harrison lay on his bed, staring up at the darkened ceiling of his bedroom. He found himself doing this a lot lately. He couldn't sleep. Whenever he tried, he just woke up from the feeling of falling, heart pounding from it all. Sam kicked off the covers and swung his legs over the side, placing his head in his left palm. So much had been on his mind, though it seemed that every one else just wanted to forget what had transpired. Wish I could. the twenty-three year old thought. No, it was twenty-four now. The day everything went down was his birthday.

Sam looked over at his prosthetic. So much was hard-wired into the small thing, yet it was so easy to disable. He wouldn't let anything happen like that again. Sam stood and slipped back into his armor. It was like a routine now. Try to sleep, fail, sit out on the roof until day time and go through typical daily rituals before it all went back to night. Attaching his arm, he made his way through the hallway, passing by his teammates rooms, but stopped when he reached Swansons room-his old room.

After the brief hesitance, Sam moved on, slogging through the cold weather on to the iced roof. He slowly lowered himself down on the edge before placing his arms on his legs and leaning forward. Here he would sit in his thoughts for the entire night, apparently not bothered by the lack of sleep. It was here, too, that his teammates would discover him the next day, and every other day that week. Martinez was the most concerned for his friend. Things change, and some people take time to register it.

Everything else has gone back to normal...well, mostly everything.

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