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Episode 1: The Phantom Moron Chapter 5: The Mission


The Red and Blue Teams met on the landing platform before the ship that brought Church and Caboose back to Corucsant. Earlier that day they had been given their mission.

A planet on the outer rim known as Blood Gulch had recently cut of all communications with the Republic. The Council decided to send Red and Blue Jedi teams to the planet to investigate. While Flowers had declined the offer to go with them, Sarge had taken up the cause, never wanting to leave the team behind.

As they began to board the ship, Church looked back, having the feeling that he wouldn't see this place again. He quickly brushed the thought away.

"Yeah!" Caboose's joyful voice echoed in his skull, "this will be the best roadtrip ever!"

"And if you say anything positive," Church said, "I will kill us all, right now."

"Okay. I will be very depressed about how AWESOME THIS WILL BE!"

Church sighed. Some things never change.