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Episode 1: The Phantom Moron Chapter 4: In the Air Tonight


Church entered his private quarters alone, didn't even bother to turn the lights on. He undressed, used the refresher, put on some sleeping clothes, headed over to his sleepcouch.

He leaned down, started rummaging underneath it. He found the door, pressed his hand against the lock. It opened, and he reached around the junk that disguised the real object in his private vault. He pulled out the datapad, flopped down on the sleepcouch.

He activated the datapad, typed in his secure password, and selected the file, 'Memories'. He scrolled through pictures of him and Tucker getting drunk, pictures of Caboose on the planet Tatooine, and finally found the picture he was looking for.

In it, Church was right beside a female wearing Jedi robes. She had reddish-brown hair, and freckles on both cheeks. They were both laughing.

Church smiled, and fell asleep.

Donut looked at the holoposter he had managed to set up in his bedroom. It showed his favorite space-ball team, the Naboo Nebulas.

There was a knock and his door was opened by Grif. he walked into the room. "You got any food?" he asked Donut.

"Some cookies from dinner."

"Excellent." Grif grabbed the cookies, smiling as he devoured them all in one gulp. "So, how did you like your first day as a Jedi, kid?"

Donut thought about it. After he had met Grif and Simmons, he had been sent to Sarge, who forced him through the most brutal challenges Donut could ever imagine. After finally finishing, or at least flunking, the tests, Sarge had sent him to get dinner for the other soldiers and himself. Grif and Simmons insisted that this was a regular occurence.

"Turdy." Donut said, deciding to give the simpler explanation.

"Meh," Grif said, "it's okay. Sarge put us through the same tests, and had us fetch dinner. The best thing is, once you become a knight, you get the others to do the same for you."

Donut thought about this as he got into bed later that evening. He realized that every day would be like this, at least until they got a mission.

Donut groaned.