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Episode 1: The Phantom Moron Chapter 2: The Jedi Council


Church stood with Caboose inside the Jedi Council chamber. Only two members of the Council were there, however.

Sarge, the famous Sith Hunter, stood by the side, refusing a chair. His famous red lightsaber, formally owned by the Sith that killed his family, hung by his waist. On the other seat sat Master Flowers, who was watching Church closely.

"So," Sarge said, "you completed the mission, but at the cost of your entire team of clones. Sidewinder is secure, then?"

Church swallowed. "Yes, sir," he replied, "Sidewinder has been purged of Seperatist presence."

"Uhm, hum," Sarge nodded, "and your Padawaan was injured? In the shoulder? Speak up, cupcake."

"Yes sir, " Church said, then hesitated, "he... umn, tried to hug a battle droid. Stupid, I know."

Sarge tilted his head back and laughed. Flowers shot him a sharp look. He then turned and gestured toward a healer in the background. Doc came forward, deactivated his purple lightsaber, and led Caboose from the room.

Flowers turned toward Sarge. "Will you give us some privacy, Sargeant Racoon?" he asked.

"It's Sarge," Sarge grumbled as he left the room, "just Sarge."

Flowers turned to Church. "May I ask you if I could see the extra lightsaber in your cloak?"

Church shrugged, tossed Flowers the 'saber.

Flowers turned it over in his hands. "I presume this belonged to Jimmy?"

Church nodded.

"Do you know what killed him, and your clones?"


Flowers leaned back. "Church, I've studied the holos from one of the clones' helmet. Dark figure, black 'saber, Force abilities. Black blade. Sound familiar, Church?"

"It isn't Tex." Church inwardly kicked himself.

Flowers sighed, sat back in his chair. "Church, I've been blocking those memories from Master Yoda for seven years. You haven't moved on?"

Church didn't say anything.

"Listen Church, Jedi aren't supposed to have attachements. You nearly got expelled from the Jedi Order because of your... feelings. Are you sure that you won't break?"

Church nodded.

"Well, I'll get straight to the point Master Windu wanted me to adress. If Allison has turned, will you follow her, given the choice."




Flowers stood up. "Thank you for the interview, Church. I wish you best of luck training your Padawaan. We have a busy day ahead of us."