The official trailer for Red vs Blue: Sidewinder, showcases the main plot points of the story.


The screen stays black, then flashes and zooms in on Blue Base at night. In a darkened room, a light flashes repeatedly and beeping is heard. Someone in a small cot jerks up, saying, "Wha?"

The face heats the light, and we see Church. He looks around, finding the source of the signal. "What the heck?" he wonders, stumbling over, "I haven't worn that armor for years."

He reaches the bedstead, passes by it, hits the closet. He opens it, and a shot of his old armor is shown. He reaches over and pulls off the gauntlet. The signal is coming for there. Church flips open a panel, then says, "This is Blood Gulch Alpha, Private Church speaking..."

Pictures then flash across the screen, of Simmons, Grif and Church walking up an unkown doorway, of Grunts charging after Grif and Simmons, of Church crashing into the ceiling with a rocket attacked to his foot, and a smoking meteor on an icy landscape, green mist beginning to float up as the logo flashes on the screen. Under it lies the tagline, "Nothing is as it Seems.."


Leonard Church- Real Life, Images

Grif- Images

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