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Episode 9: In MemoriumEdit

Church, Tex, and Shiela drove back to the canyon in silence. Everything had failed. Jimmy escaped, and Caboose was dead.

As they got closer to the Blue Base, the rest of the team ran up. It only took a few seconds for them to discover that Caboose was missing.

In slow, calm words, Church told them what had happened. After that, there was a moment of sorrow. The Reds just packed up and left. Even Tucker looked downcast.

Caboose wasn't sure what was happening. There had been a lot of pain, and he had blacked out. He had woken up on top of a lower platform, deeper into the marshes. He could feel the huge hole in his chest. He prepered to draw his last.

He remebered when he insulted Tex. He remebered when she had used him for target practice.

When Church had died.

When he had killed him again.

When they had gone on the adventure with Agent Washingtub.

Good times.

As everything went black, Caboose noticed a floating ball, much similar to Church in the other days. It hovered over him, and appeared distressed.

"Oh, dear," it said, "it will be difficult to save you. But we will tr-"

After that, darkness infolded.

To be continued...

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